Amarkantak Tourism – Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do

Amarkantak Tourism- Best Places to Visit

Hindus visit Amarkantak as a place of worship. However, Amarkantak’s tourism includes more than just visiting temples and other religious sites. Amarkantak has several scenic locations, including forests and waterfalls. It is surrounded by lush vegetation that offers soothing ayurvedic effects. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located about 40 kilometers from the town, is connected to Kanha National Park, which has its fair share of diverse wildlife. In this tour guide, information about Amarkantak and adjacent locations is provided so continue reading it till the end.

Additionally, the Maikal Hills, the most notable of the Vindhya and Satpura Ranges, meet here. From an ecological point of view, Amarkantak is extremely significant since the woodlands surrounding it are home to a wide range of plants with therapeutic qualities.

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Popular Must Tourist Destinations in Amarkantak

  • Narmadakund
  • Kapil Dhara Falls
  • Trimukhi Temple
  • Ancient Temples of The Alachua Period

Numerous travelers visit Amarkantak each year to pay their respects at one of these revered temples and indulge in the serene atmosphere while having the perfect laid-back weekend with friends and family. To have the best possible vacation, be sure to arrange a time to see these Amarkantak tourist sites.



The Narmadakund temple complex was constructed to represent the place where the Narmada River first emerged. There are 16 stone temples within the complex, including the Narmada Temple, Lord Shiva Temple, Annapurna Temple, Shri Radha Krishna Temple, and Shri Ram Janki Temple. Over 23 statues of various idols are present at Narmada Kund, which spans a vast 66-acre plot of land. Narmada Kund is one of the most important attractions in the city and is located right in the middle of Amarkantak, as a consequence- getting to it is not too difficult.

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Kapil Dhara Falls

Kapil Dhara Falls Amarkantak MP

Amarkantak’s center is about 6 km away from Kapil Waterfall, one of Madhya Pradesh’s most stunning waterfalls. You can also see the breathtaking scenery from a considerable distance away mainly because the fall is about 100 feet tall. By this waterfall, Kapil Muni allegedly used to meditate. In conclusion, it was named after a famous saint.  You will also get to witness the ashram where worshippers go to worship Lord Shiva and the guru Kapil Muni, which is situated on the river’s edge. By taking a taxi or an auto-rickshaw from Amarkantak, you may get to the location with ease. The monsoon season is the greatest time to visit.

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Trimukhi Temple

Trimukhi Temple Amarkantak MP

As one of the most significant temples devoted to Lord Shiva, Trimukhi Temple is significant to Hindu pilgrims traveling through India. In honor of King Karnadeb Mahachandra of the Chedi Kingdom, the temple’s original name was “Karna Mandi.” Try to get a view of the temple’s peak when you go there. You’ll see that Lord Shiva’s face is decorated on the temple’s roof. The Trimukhi Temple is the oldest in Amarkantak.

It is one of the most picturesque sites in Amarkantak and truly stunning. There are three faces at the top of the temple, which makes this formation special.

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Ancient Temples of The Alachua Period

Ancient Temples of Amarkantak- Pataleshwara Temple

The ancient temples of Amarkantak, which were built by Maharaja Karnadeva of the Kalachuri dynasty, are not too far from the city’s main square. It is believed that these temples were constructed between the years 1042 and 1072 AD. In Amarkantak, you may see the stunning Machhendranath Temple and Pataleshwar Temple. These temples are among the top attractions in Amarkantak if you’re interested in history. Adi Shankaracharya is thought to have been devoted to the banks of the Narmada River. It’s known as Surajkund there.

You can see Keshav Narayana Temple in the complex in addition to the two temples previously mentioned. In the 18th century, it was built by the Bhonsle kings.

There are many other places you can opt to go during your Amarkantak trip. Some of them are Mrityunjay Ashram, Bhrigu Kamandal, Kabir Kothi, Dutch Dhara Falls, and many more.

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Top Things to Do in Amarkantak

Narmadakund Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh

Exploring the Temples

Even if you are not from a Hindu religion, you will still find the place very peaceful and fascinating. The history behind those temples and the carvings on them isn’t something you can find anywhere else. As soon as you arrive at Amarkantak, you will notice that the kund is the center of the community. The skin region, which covers 6 acres, is home to 16 temples. Temples honoring well-known deities, including Lord Shiva, Guru Gorakhnath, the Annapurna Temple, Shri Radha Krishna Temple, and others, can be found inside the complex.

You may simply travel there from your hotel in Amarkantak because the temple complex is situated in the very heart of the city.

Enjoy Waterfalls

Relaxing in the composure of the flowing sounds of falling water is always satisfying, regardless of whether you are traveling by car or flying far for a vacation. Kapildhara Waterfall is revered for its age and folklore in Amarkantak, one of the oldest towns in India and a part of Madhya Pradesh.

Precautions: Keep an eye out for the nearby monkeys that are always willing to steal food packs from unwary tourists to the waterfall site.

Explore Achanakmar Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife lover, Achanakmar-Amarkantak is the best place for you to explore your interests. You might get the chance to witness the most dominant and wild Bengal tigers, Indian leopard, Dhole, Indian jackal, Striped Hyena, Sloth bear, Spotted Deer, Four-horned antelope, and Wild boar, among many other species in this place. The sanctuary has more than 100 species of birds flying across the woods. The drives through the green hills, watching and experiencing the fresh environment with fresh air are everything for today’s busy city life.

Transportation Options to Reach Amarkantak

Even though Amarkantak in MP has good road connections to the rest of the state, it has poor rail and air connections. Choosing Jabalpur as your intermediate city for rail or air travel to Amarkantak is a great choice.

  • Airways: After Indore and Bhopal, the Dumna Airport near Jabalpur is MP’s third-most significant airport. With three domestic airlines operating on different routes, Jabalpur’s connectivity on the air map is generally pretty good.
  • Railways: It is recommended to take the train to Jabalpur, where there is a railway station, and then take a taxi for the 200 km journey to Amarkantak. Rail connections between Jabalpur and all of India’s major cities are excellent.
  • Roadways: To get to Amarkantak, one can easily get state buses from Pendra Road, Shahdol, and Bilaspur. Bus service to Jabalpur, Rewa, and Shahdol, which are 245 km, 261 km, and 67 km from the town, is very excellent. About 450 kilometers away from the town is Nagpur, one of the largest metropolises in the area. Buses and taxis provide excellent services.

Best Time to Visit Amarkantak

It is not advised to travel to Amarkantak during the summer. Everyone seeks shelter from the intense heat of the day to avoid excessive sweating. Because of the surrounding high hills, Amarkantak experiences modest rainfall, which is greatly soothing for the locals. 25 and 30°C are the new low temperatures. Even the finest plans for traveling could be wrecked by the persistent downpour. Water tends to accumulate on roads, which makes navigation challenging. The monsoon season is the greatest time to avoid Amarkantak.

Amarkantak is unquestionably beautiful in the winter when the temperature ranges from 8 to 28°C. Given that walking is not exhausting, visitors find this to be very reasonable. The sun is welcome during the day, but because it gets a little chilly at night, one needs to dress in warm clothing to stay cozy.

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