10 Best Treks to Explore in Ladakh – Thrilling Delight in Leh – Ladakh

Ladakh Trekking - Best Trekking Trails in Ladakh

“Trekking in Ladakh is about exploring its rugged landscape, visiting the monasteries, enjoying a homestay, admiring the spectacular view of colossal peaks & observing the lifestyle of the people.”

Do you love Trekking? Well, if you are an adventurous wanderer looking for solace inducing, thrilling landscapes to match the rhythm and excitement of your soul for trekking then why not plan a trip to Ladakh this year?  Ladakh is diverse in terms of landscapes. It has rivers, mountains, breathtaking passes, beautiful valleys to embark on an adventurous trekking tour. If you are a trekker who is not faint hearted and is adaptable to harsh weather conditions then Ladakh should be the first place in the list of top trekking destinations in India.

Navigating through the lofty mountains, narrow paths, steep ascents and descents, icy glaciers and rivers, scenic valleys – you will never find a dull day here. You will also enjoy an opportunity to explore the remote villages of Ladakh region hidden in the Himalayas and learn a lot about Tibetan culture and rituals. Even for a spiritually inclined, the trekking trails of Ladakh will elevate spiritual experience. There are many monasteries and temples which would come your way.  Be it a couple, pilgrims, wildlife and nature lovers or solo backpackers- Ladakh’s vibe will help you to rejuvenate your tired spirit.

Let’s Explore Ladakh Himalayas and know about the top 10 trekking destinations in Ladakh –

  • Markha Valley Trek
  • Stok Kangri Trek
  • Sham Valley Trek
  • Spituk to Stok Trek
  • Lamayuru to Alchi Trek
  • Nubra Valley Trek
  • Padum to Darcha Trek
  • Rumtse to Tso Moriri Trek
  • Snow Leopard Trek
  • Chadar Frozen River Trek

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1. Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley Ladakh

  • Duration- 6 Days
  • Difficulty Level- Moderate to Difficult
  • Best Time to Visit – May to September

Set in Hemis National Park, Markha Valley trek would be an experience you will remember for a long time. It is one of the best treks to explore in Ladakh. In this wholesome trekking trail, you will behold mesmerizing sights worth capturing in your lens. The most beautiful view of this trek is the scenic high passes of Kongmaru La which is situated at an elevation of 17,060 ft above the sea level.

The Scenic Markha River that takes you to the soul seducing village of Nimaling is a thing of beauty and joy forever. Here you will see the beautiful peak of Kang Yatse.

You will be spellbound to see the lifestyle of people here. They live a simple life. You will know a lot about Tibetan culture.

You will also behold rocky canyons, green fields in the middle of barren peaks, entire serene landscapes of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, forever enchanting Stok Kangri Peaks and the exotic wildlife of Hemis National Park. Spot snow leopards, blue sheep and ibexes if you are lucky and capture some amazing pictures.

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2. Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Ladakh

  • Duration- 10 Days
  • Difficulty- Difficult and Challenging
  • Best Time to Visit – July to Mid-September

If you want an ultimate Himalayan adventure to tickle your senses with excitement then Stok Kangri trek is one of the top trekking trails of Ladakh for you.  The trek is very challenging as it is situated at an elevation of 20, 500 ft above the sea level. This high-altitude trek has been the dream of many adventures loving souls but only few have succeeded to do it. The enchanting views of icy glaciers, massive stunning slopes of Saser Kangri, Golap Kangri, entire Karakoram range, Indus and Zanskar valley will captivate you forever in its charm. Mesmerizing Stok village is so photogenic that you will not be able to resist yourself clicking some beautiful pictures. Also, there will be many serene water bodies on this trekking trail which offers breathtaking views of nature. You will get the best and thrilling trekking experience if you are an experienced Himalayan Trekker.

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3. Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley Ladakh

  • Duration-3-4 Days
  • Difficulty- Easy
  • Best Time to Visit- January to December

One of the best treks for beginners in Ladakh, Sham Valley trek will give you the opportunity to see and be a part of unique culture, the rituals and traditions of which you have never seen before. This trek is very scenic in terms of views. For travelers who are spiritually inclined, Sham Valley trek will be the best trek to do in Ladakh. This alluring trekking trail will take you to scenic monasteries, lovely untamed streams, deep and enchanting Cedar tree forests, lush green valleys, beautiful Tibetan flags and small hotspots to sit and click amazing pictures and absorb the peaceful aura. On your way you will see many small villages which will amaze you with their traditions and rituals. Seeing and knowing about the Tibetan customs and rituals is a part of this lovely trek. You will also not face any problems for accommodation. In villages you will find many homestays with good facilities and warm hospitality which will make your trek unforgettable.

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4. Spituk to Stok trek

Spituk Gompa Ladakh

  • Duration- 6 Days
  • Difficulty- Easy
  • Best Time to Visit- Mid June to October

Spituk to Stok Trek is an enthralling trekking trip you must plan in Leh-Ladakh. Because of so many scenic vistas, Spituk to Stok Trek is one of the prettiest treks to do in Ladakh. If you really want to experience and see the true beauty of the Ladakh region you must include this trek in your Ladakh trekking destination.  The trekking trail offers mesmerizing vistas of Ladakhi villages such as Spituk Village, Phey Village, Zingchan village, Rumbuk Village, awe inspiring campsites, alluring resting points which sometimes surrounded by serene but untamed streams and groves of willows and roses, high pasture paths and exotic wildlife of Ladakh region in Hemis National Park. This is just the tip of the ice-berg. You will also behold the entire scenic valley of Indus, breathtaking heritage attraction Stok Palace Museum, Stok La Pass which will be marked by prayer flags and many more scenic resting points which are worth capturing for social media handles bucket list.

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5. Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

Lamayuru Ladakh

  • Duration- 9 Days
  • Difficulty- Easy to Moderate
  • Best Time to Visit- Mid June to September

Bliss of Adventure Tourism in Leh- Ladakh, Lamayuru to Alchi Trek always gives the best experience of Ladakh Himalayas. Lamayuru also known as Moonland of Ladakh opens the door to see an enchanting world of dramatic landscapes which resembles the shape of moon. The beauty of moonlike mountains will be etched on your soul.

Tourists and adventure lovers from all across the globe do Lamayuru – Alchi Trek. Why? Because it is quite fascinating to see the remote hidden villages of the mountains. It feels peaceful to interact with the Buddhist monks.

You will come across many monks who will give you their wisdom and knowledge of life. On your way you will find many beautiful monasteries such as Lamayuru Monastery, Alchi Monastery etc. and the beauty surrounding them will fine tune your senses.

Tibetan influence can be seen clearly in the culture and the rituals of the people who live here. The serene banks of the Indus river have held Alchi in a very captivating way. The monastic life experience, the soothing simplicity, serene temples and monasteries and the mesmerizing beauty of green nature with a beautiful contrast of rugged mountains makes Lamayuru – Alchi Trek wholesome.

A Combination of spiritual vibe, with nature’s best views is all we want when we are looking for a place to rejuvenate our soul. Lamayuru – Alchi Trek is a beautiful and best trekking trail to explore in Ladakh.

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6. Nubra Valley Trek

Nubra Valley Ladakh

  • Duration- Moderate to difficult
  • Difficulty- 14-15 Days
  • Best Time to Visit- Mid June to September

High- altitude trekking in Leh- Ladakh would be the most thrilling expedition if you do Nubra Valley Trek.  Nubra Valley Trek’s charm is truly magical. Its beauty will hypnotize you to stay here forever. It used to be the part of the ancient trade route which connected India to Tibet and Central Asia. Nubra Valley trekking trail will lead you to some of the most beautiful places in Himalayan belts.

You will see the scenic mountain pass of Khardung la which is one of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world. It is also the gateway to the beautiful Nubra and Shyok Valleys. The stunning villages of Khardung, Khalser, Agyam, Khalsar, Tirit, Lukung, Tegar, Sumur and Diskit with the delightful background of rugged mountains will take your soul away.

Small Tibetan settlements dotted with scenic prayer flags, breathtaking beauty of the Zanskar valley, peaceful vibe of monasteries and chortens will take you to a different world where you will come across many interesting cultural stories and myths. Indeed, Nubra valley trek is one of the most delightful and thrilling treks to do in Ladakh.

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7. Padum to Darcha Trek

Padum Ladakh Trek

  • Duration- 9 to 10 Days
  • Difficulty- Moderate to Difficult
  • Best Time to Visit- July to September

Perfect for adventure junkies, Padum to Darcha Trek journey will definitely blow your heart away. Enchantment and thrill will never make your day dull even for a single moment when you do Padum Darcha Trek in Ladakh. Picturesque landscapes of Chika and Palamu villages, beautiful crossings of Shingola Pass, serene vibes oozing from Tsarap, Zanskar and lakong river, semi frozen lakes, breathtaking views of the valley of Chumik Napko, Kargyak and Lhakhang; the series of gorgeous vistas will keep on coming and hypnotize your soul forever.   Padum to Darcha trek is one of the best trekking places in Ladakh. If you are an experienced trekker then definitely you should not miss this trek.

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8. Rumtse to Tso Moriri Trek

Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh

  • Duration- 9-10 Days
  • Difficulty- Difficult
  • Best Time to Visit- May to September

Solace- inducing and captivating Rumtse to Tso Moriri trekking trail is one of the most popular treks in Ladakh. This journey will lead you to see the Colorful mountains of Ladakh. Serene yet sublime 2 big alpine lakes, more than 10 scenic river crossings, steep ascents and descents, narrow paths beautiful campsites surrounded with breathtaking lush vegetation, migratory birds, stunning views of Changthang plateau, enchanting views of Yarlung Nyau La, Kyamar Madachalan la and tisaling grasslands etc. – the list is endless.

There is so much to see. Sublime and surreal, the landscapes of Ladakh’s high altitude region are quite fascinating. See the stunning beauty of India’s high-altitude village – korzok village, the gorgeous Tso Moriri Lake of Changthang valley is very popular for seeing avifaunal like bare-headed goose, great-crested grebe, Brahmin duck and brown-headed gulls. You will also see marmots, Tibetan sheep, red fox and kiang or Tibetan ass. It is also a perfect place to enjoy biking. Why not try this trek once?

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9. Snow Leopard Trek

Snow Leopard Ladakh

  • Duration- 8 Days
  • Difficulty- Moderate to Difficult
  • Best Time to Visit – July to Mid-September

One must try Snow Leopard Trek at least once in a lifetime. Not only is this trek loved by adventure loving trekkers but also a wildlife enthusiast will love it. The exotic wildlife of Ladakh region will blow your heart away. You will witness wild Snow Leopards, Ibex, Marmot, Tibetan Hare, Horned Lark, Antelope, Snow Cock and Shapo. Make sure you capture amazing pictures of the wildlife species here. Soothing vibes and peaceful aura of Ladakhi villages, snow-clad peaks and lush greenery is another reason why you must plan this trek in Ladakh. It is a treasure trove of amazing views of nature which any nature loving soul will find delightful. is one of the best treks for adventurous holidays in Ladakh.

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10. Chadar Frozen River Trek

Frozen River Chadar Trek

  • Duration- 7 Days
  • Difficulty- Difficult
  • Best Time to Visit- January to mid-February

Ready for a nerve chilling experience? If you are not faint hearted and want to experience the thrill of the most challenging trekking trails in Ladakh then Chadar Frozen River Trek is a must. The beauty of the frozen river is an extremely fascinating sight and it’s the main highlight of this enchanting trek. Every moment in front of this gorgeous view is a moment to remember for a lifetime. It is an absolute pleasurable moment when you walk barefoot in the frozen river which looks like a snow carpet. There are forms of ice on different sides of the river which look stunning. These amazing trekking trails will spellbound you with the sights of campsites surrounded in lofty icy mountains and mysterious caves. So, don’t wait and get lost into the thrill of trekking in the enchanting snow land of Ladakh.

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Best Time for Trekking in Leh – Ladakh

Ladakh Visiting Time

Rugged terrains, narrow passes, steep ascents and descents, high altitude and harsh weather conditions make Ladakh one of the most challenging and thrilling trekking destinations in India. You will find it very difficult to access some of the beautiful terrains of Ladakh. Trekking time in Ladakh is different from the rest of trekking sites in India. Some treks are only accessible from the month of July due to harsh weather conditions. Trekking in Ladakh depends on your will power of bearing cold.

Generally, July to September are the ideal months of the year to do trekking in Ladakh. When the days are sunny and the nights are pleasant, the adventure of trekking is delightful. In The beginning days of the month of June, most of the roads are blocked.

If you are a winter lover then the month of October to March would be the best. The temperature goes up to – 5-degree Celsius to -30 degree Celsius. You will feel the chilled breeze on your cheeks, the views of snow-clad mountains, icy glaciers and the fun of skiing and ice hockey adds excitement to the winter trekking adventure in Ladakh. In monsoon (July to August) landslides and cloudbursts are very common in Ladakh region but the views of the landscapes are awesome. It’s a perfect time to visit Ladakh for the people who are interested in knowing the culture and tradition of the Ladakh region. Festivals such as Karsha Gustor and Phyang Tsedup are very popular festivals celebrated in monsoon.

Helpful and Essential Tips for Trekking in Ladakh – Your Friendly Ladakh Trekking Guide

Ladakh Trekking Tips

Whether a beginner or an experienced trekker, one must always keep a check on things and take necessary precautions for a safe and wonderful trekking experience. Your preparation means a lot as lack of information and tips can ruin the thrill of Himalayan trekking adventure in Ladakh.

Here are some essential tips and tricks to make your trekking experience one of a kind. Check this out –

Hire a Guide – Pro Advice for Beginner

Trekking in Ladakh can be a wonderful experience if you hire a knowledgeable guide for trekking adventure. However, trekking can be easily done independently in Ladakh as it is pocket friendly and more thrilling but if you are doing trekking for the first time then some treks might be challenging in terms of route and physically tiring for you. Hence you will definitely need a guide for a good trekking experience. Some places require permits for trekking So a travel agency can easily get you a permit without any hassle. A guide will also give you amazing insights on the local culture and the traditions of the place.

Good Packing is the backbone of a wonderful adventurous Trekking in Ladakh – Perfect Packing is important!

Ladakh’s landscapes are not for the faint hearted. To tread in it comfortably, you should have all the essentials. Harsh weather conditions and low oxygen levels will cause health problems if you are not physically fit. You need to pack very wisely. Always check the weather conditions before trekking.  You need to carry proper warm clothes, medical kit, toiletries, power bank, batteries, jackets, sunglasses, hat, lowers and comfortable sleeping clothes and shoes etc. for trekking.

Stay Options – Camping or Homestays?

Ladakh has amazing stay options. It’s up to you whether you want to stay with a family in a village as a guest, do camping or live in a homestay. Each stay option has its own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest disadvantage in camping is that you won’t be able to save cost as you will need a tour guide, horse guide, and cook and the harsh weather conditions will make your sleeping difficult in a tent but one of the best things about camping is that you will camp amidst the serene landscapes or passes which will enable you to go for easier ascents.

In homestays, you will receive the warm hospitality of local people. Home cooked food, amazing cultural experiences will definitely blow your heart away. This mode of accommodation is also less expensive. The only disadvantage is that you will have to compromise on luxurious facilities.

Health is Wealth- Health Checkup is necessary

With underlying health problems, you won’t be able to do trekking in Ladakh. Go for a health checkup before planning any trekking adventure in Ladakh.

Get Ready wanderers! Embark on the most nerve chilling hamlets of Ladakh region to delightfully tickle your adventurous soul. Explore and embrace the dramatic folds of the Himalayas in Ladakh.  Trek to the unknown wonderland and be wild to enjoy the thrill in the land of the last Shangri – La.

Quick Travel Information on Ladakh Trekking Destinations

Ladakh is also known as The Last Shangri- La, Little Tibet, Roof of the World, The Moonland, The Land of High Passes
Popular Moderate Treks in Ladakh Nubra Valley Trek, Spiti to Ladakh Trek, Darcha Lamayuru Trek, Junglam Trek etc.
Best Easy Treks in Ladakh Sham Valley Trek, Spiti to Ladakh Trek, Nubra Valley Trek, Spituk Matho Trek, Gompa Trek, Indus Valley Trek
Popular Difficult Treks in Ladakh Chadar- Frozen River Trek, Snow Leopard Trek, Stok Kangri Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Rumtse to Tso Moriri Trek, Padum Darcha Trek etc.
Best Short Treks of Ladakh Saboo to Khalsar Trek, Sham Valley Trek, Likir to Temisgam, Lamayuru to Alchi Trek, Saspotse to Skuru Trek

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