Easter India Tourism- Best Places to Visit

Eastern India Tourism- Top Tourist Places to Visit in East India

Eastern part of India is a kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty, rich cultural heritage, architectural brilliance and warm welcome. This part of the Indian subcontinent is bestowed with the majestic Eastern Ghats, green meadows and evergreen forests. Bihar is home to the oldest university of the world, Nalanda University. The City of Buddha in Bihar is where the Lord Buddha attained nirvana, making it one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. Jharkhand literally means ‘the territory of forests’ and is blessed with one of the few dense evergreen forests in India. One of the most pious sites for Char Dham Yatra, Puri in Odisha is an important religious destination for the Hindus. Home to the majestic Konark Temple, Odisha offers scenic hills, beaches and forgotten woods. The last stop on the journey to East India ends in West Bengal. Known worldwide for the rich tea plantations, scenic hills, green woods and the colonial era buildings, West Bengal is a treasure waiting to be explored! Read More “Eastern India Tourism- Top Tourist Places to Visit in East India”

Jodhpur Rajasthan India

Jodhpur Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour

The second-largest city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a place everyone reads about in history books. From Maharajas, Ranis, forts, palaces, temples and havelis to the breathtaking landscapes of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur has been popular among tourists all over the country, as well as outside the country. The elusive blue-inked architecture, the dominating view of the strapping fort atop the hill, the amazing white marble cenotaph, the age-old lakes and their stories and legends that are closer to truth and many more interesting places – a Jodhpur vacation tour can fulfil your dream of visiting a historical place with amazing stories. Read More “Jodhpur Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour”

Ranthambore Travel Blog

How to Plan a Memorable Ranthambore Jungle Safari Trip?

Ranthambore National Park, located in the arid highlands of northern India, is a fascinating mix of history and nature. The main attraction at Ranthambore is tigers, and the relatively high likelihood of seeing big cats, combined with its accessibility, makes it one of the best safari experiences in India. The park is named after the centuries-old fort that sits within its boundaries and is regarded as a historical monument in Rajasthan which makes it a major attraction of Ranthambore National Park. This park is so beautiful that even movie celebrities could not resist themselves to visit this enchanting piece of wilderness. Proper planning of a Ranthambore trip can make your holidays so delightful that you will remember all these moments throughout your life. Read More “How to Plan a Memorable Ranthambore Jungle Safari Trip?”