Best Places to Stay in Ranthambore National Park

Hotels & Resorts: Top Accommodations in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is a national park & tiger reserve located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan and is an important Tiger Reserve in India. It houses a number of wildlife species, the prominent among them being the Bengal Tigers. The park gets its name from the Ranthambore Fort that exists within it. What originally began as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955, then turned into a tiger reserve in 1973 under the Project Tiger. The tigers of the park are what makes people come to Ranthambore. Given the number of tigers that are in the park, it is possible to spot them on your visit. Ranthambore National Park offers the visitors to roam in its jungles by taking a wildlife safari. On your safari you can not only spot the mighty tigers but also other wildlife that reside in the park such as the sloth bear, leopard, caracal, jackal, chital, sambar deer, and the blue bull antelope or nilgai, among others. Read More “Hotels & Resorts: Top Accommodations in Ranthambore National Park”

Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Jaisalmer Tourism- Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour, Rajasthan

The breathtaking landscape of a sandstone fort standing high above the city’s skyline that fades in the desert when night comes, the thrilling background of its construction, the denizens residing inside the fort, the camel safaris in the great Thar Desert, the folk music, Havelis of rich people, picturesque lakes, flora and fauna of desert – Jaisalmer is like a book, which is made of these pieces. It is known as the ‘Golden City,’ famed for its distinguishable golden-coloured architecture all around. One of India’s historic tourist destinations, Jaisalmer is a perfect place to unwind on your Rajasthan trip. Read More “Jaisalmer Tourism- Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour, Rajasthan”

T-84 New Born Cubs in Ranthambore

Ranthambore’s Big Cat Boom: Tigress T-84 Spotted with Three New Cubs

There’s good news for wildlife lovers, as the renowned Ranthambore Tigress T-84, affectionately known as Arrowhead, has recently given birth to three adorable cubs. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR), spread across a whopping 1,334 square kilometer area, continues its legacy as the best destination for tiger sightings in India. It is now home to around 89 tigers, with the new additions to the big cat family marking a significant win for wildlife conservation.

On Tuesday (25 July 2023), the ten-year-old Tigress T-84 was spotted playfully wandering the lush forests of the famous national park Ranthambore, near Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, with her three new cubs. This sighting sparked an outpouring of happiness among all wildlife enthusiasts who shared their joy and views over social media, celebrating the valuable addition to the growing big cat population in the Ranthambore National Park. Read More “Ranthambore’s Big Cat Boom: Tigress T-84 Spotted with Three New Cubs”

Lake Pichola Udaipur

12 Best Places to Visit in Udaipur, Rajasthan

Founded by Maharana Uday Singh II in 1553 as the new capital of the Mewar Kingdom, Udaipur, which is also known as the ‘City of Lakes’ and the ‘Venice of the East,’ is nestled amidst the Aravalli Mountain ranges in the northwestern state of Rajasthan. A city that exudes regal elegance and charm, Udaipur boasts several serene and picturesque lakes, magnificent palaces, forts, and temples that speak volumes about its rich cultural heritage and history. Featured in several movies, Udaipur has been one of the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan for several decades. The city is home to some of the most luxurious heritage hotels, offering travelers an unparalleled experience of royalty and luxury. Apart from its stunning architecture and natural beauty, Udaipur is also known for its colorful festivals, vibrant bazaars, delectable Rajasthani cuisine, and warm hospitality. Come and immerse yourself in the magical world of Udaipur, where time stands still, and the legacy of a glorious past lives on. Let’s know about some of the best places to visit in Udaipur that you must add to your Udaipur Rajasthan tour itinerary. Read More “12 Best Places to Visit in Udaipur, Rajasthan”

Jaipur Tourism - Hawa Mahal

12 Best Places to Visit in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, also known as the Pink City, the capital of the Royal State of India, Rajasthan, is a city steeped in history, brimming with culture, and alive with color. Jaipur is a traveler’s paradise, offering a plethora of experiences that are bound to enchant and fascinate everyone for ages. From majestic palaces and forts to bustling markets and vibrant streets, Jaipur should be on your bucket list at least once. The old-world charm, along with the colorful sights, will undoubtedly make your holidays special. Even if you don’t visit any tourist spots, just sitting in a corner and observing people and their activities throughout the day, you will realize how the city and its people captivate travelers with their beauty. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the best places to visit in Jaipur so that you can plan your itinerary whenever you visit this Royal City! Read More “12 Best Places to Visit in Jaipur, Rajasthan”

Nakki Lake Mount Abu Tourism Rajasthan

Mount Abu Hill Station in Rajasthan

In the blissful Sirohi district of Rajasthan lies the beautiful Hill station of Mount Abu. Majestic views of mountain, scenic beauty and wildlife have been luring tourists for ages. Due to its cool climate and blissful natural beauty, it is one of the best summer destinations in India. Some of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Mount Abu are- Dilwara Jain Temples, Ecotourism sites, Adhar Devi Temple, Doodh Baori, honeymoon point and Trevor’s tank. Read More “Mount Abu Hill Station in Rajasthan”

Best Places to Visit in Rajasthan

The Ultimate Rajasthan Travel Guide: 17 Incredible Places to Explore

Welcome to Rajasthan!  A land where the tales of India’s historic past come alive. It’s a symphony of everything beautiful and grand. From palaces, royal forts, colorful markets, delicious cuisines, fairs and festivals, dance, art and craft have a story to tell. The stories will introduce you to the rich heritage and culture of India. Sights and sounds of melodious folk songs, magical dance performances, artworks to seduce your artistic senses, food that flirts with your palette – Rajasthan is a place equivalent to heaven on earth. If you are searching for a color to represent life then Rajasthan will soothe your heart with all its glory. Read More “The Ultimate Rajasthan Travel Guide: 17 Incredible Places to Explore”

Best Places to Visit in Pushkar Rajasthan

Pushkar Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pushkar Sightseeing Tour

A boho yet spiritual, peaceful yet carefree life, simple yet attractive – that’s Pushkar in a nutshell. The holy site for Hindu pilgrims, Pushkar is home to one of the five pilgrimages, Pushkar Lake, which is surrounded by 52 ghats and around 400 temples. On the eve of Kartik Poornima, devotees bathe in the water of this holy lake, which is believed to cure skin diseases and nullify sins. The artificial lake is perched in the Aravali Range, which is flanked by hills and deserts all around. Pushkar is a holy site and the tranquillity and serenity of the place cannot be ignored, but the authentic Rajasthani vibe the place offers is exactly what tourists seek on a Rajasthan trip. Read More “Pushkar Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Pushkar Sightseeing Tour”

Jodhpur Rajasthan India

Jodhpur Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour

The second-largest city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a place everyone reads about in history books. From Maharajas, Ranis, forts, palaces, temples and havelis to the breathtaking landscapes of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur has been popular among tourists all over the country, as well as outside the country. The elusive blue-inked architecture, the dominating view of the strapping fort atop the hill, the amazing white marble cenotaph, the age-old lakes and their stories and legends that are closer to truth and many more interesting places – a Jodhpur vacation tour can fulfil your dream of visiting a historical place with amazing stories. Read More “Jodhpur Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour”