Best Summer Tourist Places in South India

5 Best Places to Visit in Summer in South India

Summers are just around the corner and it’s a time for vacation to explore new things and collect memories to cherish forever. As the scorching heat waves pass around the country, the idea of a refreshing summer getaway comes to the minds of the people. When looking for places to rejuvenate and relax this summer, what could be a better place than South India, the southside of India is an absolute package of stories and beauty as it is filled with verdant hill stations, serene water bodies, majestic wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments, ancient temples, beautiful waterfalls and famous South Indian cuisines. Read More “5 Best Places to Visit in Summer in South India”

Kerala Tourism

15 Best Things to Do in Kerala to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Welcome to this Kerala Travel Guide blog, where we’re going to explore the enchanting beauty of Kerala – the tropical paradise located on the southwestern coast of India. Known as “God’s Own Country,” with its palm-lined beaches, tranquil backwaters, lush green hills, and vibrant culture, this southern state boasts breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultural experiences, and some of the most mouth-watering cuisine you’ll ever taste. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or spiritual enlightenment, Kerala has something for everyone. Read More “15 Best Things to Do in Kerala to Make Your Trip Unforgettable”

Best Temples to Visit in Telangana

12 Popular Temples to Visit in Telangana, South India

Telangana, the southern state of India, is home to some of the most stunning and revered temples in the country. These temples and pilgrimage sites are not only famous for their architectural grandeur but also for their historical and spiritual significance. From ancient Hindu temples to modern-day structures, the temples of Telangana showcase a blend of rich cultural heritage and spiritual aura. Whether you are a devotee, a history buff, or just a traveler looking to explore something new, these must-visit temples are a must-see for all. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey to explore the 12 top famous temples in Telangana that you should not miss in your Telangana sightseeing tour. Read More “12 Popular Temples to Visit in Telangana, South India”

Best Places to Visit in South India with Family

20 Best Places to Visit in South India for a Memorable Family Vacation

When you think of South India, images of beautiful beaches, lush green plantations, serene cruises, and Ayurvedic resorts may come to mind. And yes, it truly is a wonderful place to explore with your loved ones. However, South India is much more than just picturesque landscapes – it’s a melting pot of diverse cultures, cuisines, languages, festivals, and traditions. Exploring South India means discovering unique wonders that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Read More “20 Best Places to Visit in South India for a Memorable Family Vacation”

Bala Ji Temple Tirupati - Must Visit Temple in Andhra Pradesh

9 Most Popular Temples to Explore in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is undeniably a pilgrimage hub, attracting several tourists every year. As India’s fourth largest state, it boasts an array of sacred temples that hold great religious significance and impressive architectural marvels that fascinate archaeologists from around the globe. Situated on the southeastern coast of India, the region is steeped in a rich cultural heritage and dotted with historical monuments that showcase our traditions. If you’re planning a trip to southern India, we highly recommend adding Andhra Pradesh to your itinerary. In this article, we’ll explore some of the must-see temples and their highlights, including the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Lepakshi Temple, Yaganti Temple, Kanaka Durga Temple, Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple, Siva Mallikarjuna Temple, and many more. Read More “9 Most Popular Temples to Explore in Andhra Pradesh”

Alleppey Backwater

Alleppey – A Treasure Trove for Nature Lovers in Kerala

Let’s drink the tranquil vibes in the backwaters….

Alleppey (Alappuzha) in God’s own country in Kerala is a treasure trove for nature lovers. It is popularly known as the Venice of the east. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations to visit with family and friends in Kerala. Alleppey is the crowning glory of Kerala’s backwater tourism. In its blissful shores, lies some of the most popular tourist attractions – Alleppey Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, Kuttanad Backwaters, Marari Beach and Ambalapuzha Temple. Read More “Alleppey – A Treasure Trove for Nature Lovers in Kerala”

Jog Falls Karnataka

Top 10 Must Visit Waterfalls in Karnataka

A state full of splendour and natural beauty, Karnataka is located in southwest India where some of its parts lie along the Arabian coastlines. Flanked by the hills of the Western Ghat range, Karnataka is home to magnificent hills, verdant forests, lush green coffee plantations and breathtaking waterfalls, which adorn its glory as a famous tourist destination down south. The gushing waterfalls falling from the hills are some of the popular tourist attractions which offer sights to behold while road tripping through Karnataka between August and January. Read More “Top 10 Must Visit Waterfalls in Karnataka”

Bangalore Palace Karnataka

The Best Travel Guide to Explore the Iconic Bangalore Palace in Karnataka

Bangalore Palace (Bengaluru Palace), with the very mention, conjures up enchanting images of the long-lost regal world. This popular tourist attraction in Bangalore, Karnataka originally a gift from the British, to maharajas of Mysore, was actually constructed with an intention of training the royals on the administration and the princely responsibilities. Occidental architectural style and the interesting artefacts enhanced the attraction quotient of this must-visit place the city. The long and stately corridors of this palace display the Tudor and Scottish gothic architecture and the entire palace is modelled closely along the lines of the famous Windsor Castle of London. In this one of the best places to see in Bangalore Karnataka, durbar hall, ballroom, lined with Ravi Varma’s paintings at every step, trigger nostalgia of a bygone era, transporting you back in time. Read More “The Best Travel Guide to Explore the Iconic Bangalore Palace in Karnataka”