Jog Falls Karnataka

Top 10 Must Visit Waterfalls in Karnataka

A state full of splendour and natural beauty, Karnataka is located in southwest India where some of its parts lie along the Arabian coastlines. Flanked by the hills of the Western Ghat range, Karnataka is home to magnificent hills, verdant forests, lush green coffee plantations and breathtaking waterfalls, which adorn its glory as a famous tourist destination down south. The gushing waterfalls falling from the hills are some of the popular tourist attractions which offer sights to behold while road tripping through Karnataka between August and January. Read More “Top 10 Must Visit Waterfalls in Karnataka”

Karnataka Pilgrimage Tour - Murudeshwar

Karnataka Pilgrimage Tour – Must Visit Religious Places

With its roots deep in spirituality and rich history, the south Indian state of Karnataka is an important pilgrimage centre in India. Karnataka boasts a large number of Hindu temples, Jain and Buddhist pilgrimages, mosques and churches. The state is dotted with thousands of beautiful and highly revered Hindu temples and two of them even are recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Karnataka is also home to five monolithic statues of Bahubali and several Jain temples making it one of the most important Jain pilgrimages as well. Read More “Karnataka Pilgrimage Tour – Must Visit Religious Places”

Jog Waterfalls Karnataka

Jog Falls – Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Karnataka

Dividing the Uttara Kannada and Shimoga by only a thin line, the highest waterfall of the state, Jog falls, plunges relentlessly, in continuous streams, from a height of 253 m (850 ft), in a single fall. A major tourist attraction in Karnataka, Jog falls, otherwise known as Gerusoppa Falls, is second only to Nohkalikai Falls of Meghalaya. Due to the construction of linganamakki dam, the flow is hugely restricted before the rainy season ushers in. The force of these waters is used for generating electricity and this explains the very thin streams before monsoons. Read More “Jog Falls – Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Karnataka”

Bangalore Palace Karnataka

The Best Travel Guide to Explore the Iconic Bangalore Palace in Karnataka

Bangalore Palace (Bengaluru Palace), with the very mention, conjures up enchanting images of the long-lost regal world. This popular tourist attraction in Bangalore, Karnataka originally a gift from the British, to maharajas of Mysore, was actually constructed with an intention of training the royals on the administration and the princely responsibilities. Occidental architectural style and the interesting artefacts enhanced the attraction quotient of this must-visit place the city. The long and stately corridors of this palace display the Tudor and Scottish gothic architecture and the entire palace is modelled closely along the lines of the famous Windsor Castle of London. In this one of the best places to see in Bangalore Karnataka, durbar hall, ballroom, lined with Ravi Varma’s paintings at every step, trigger nostalgia of a bygone era, transporting you back in time. Read More “The Best Travel Guide to Explore the Iconic Bangalore Palace in Karnataka”