The Best Travel Guide to Explore the Iconic Bangalore Palace in Karnataka

Bangalore Palace Karnataka

Bangalore Palace (Bengaluru Palace), with the very mention, conjures up enchanting images of the long-lost regal world. This popular tourist attraction in Bangalore, Karnataka originally a gift from the British, to maharajas of Mysore, was actually constructed with an intention of training the royals on the administration and the princely responsibilities. Occidental architectural style and the interesting artefacts enhanced the attraction quotient of this must-visit place the city. The long and stately corridors of this palace display the Tudor and Scottish gothic architecture and the entire palace is modelled closely along the lines of the famous Windsor Castle of London. In this one of the best places to see in Bangalore Karnataka, durbar hall, ballroom, lined with Ravi Varma’s paintings at every step, trigger nostalgia of a bygone era, transporting you back in time.

A hub for entertainment activities, with a celebrated list of internationally reputed singers such as Backstreet Boys and Elton John, among a host of others, the premises of this heritage attraction, offered unending entertainment to the modern-day Indian. Though the palace does not host any event now, it used to bustle all the time with host of interesting events, rock shows and some occasional big fat weddings. However, the ground complex of this top attraction of Bangalore attracts scores of children, who take part in the fun events in Fun World Amusement Park.

History of Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

The palace was a gift from the British guardians of maharaja, who originally purchased it from an English school principal, for the purposes of training the Rajah in administrative mechanics of the state. The construction began in April 1874 under the guidance of John Cameron, who assumed the landscaping responsibility for the palace. Although it was completed by 1878 AD, it underwent several renovations and finally was declared open for the common man who could access its regal corridors with a price. Ganda Bherunda, the much mythological two headed, gigantic bird is the revered as the royal emblem of Wodeyar dynasty and you can see that it is also the emblem of the state of Karnataka,

Architecture of Bangalore Palace

Karnataka Bangalore Palace

The entire structure that is built on two levels, lends a Tudor and Scottish architectural touch that can be seen on its fortified towers, the walls, and ballrooms. Roman arches at the entrance, relief paintings on the ceiling, the furniture that just steps out of the Victorian, neoclassical and Edwardian era, and the open courtyards, the granite seats with blue ceramic tiles, gothic style-stained glass windows, and topping it all, a huge elephant head in the durbar hall, trigger nostalgia of a bygone era. Yellow hues dominate the walls suggesting vibrancy and gaiety. A screen located on the other end was originally used by the royal womenfolk to facilitate a clear view of the goings on, Raja Ravi Verma’s paintings, that chronicled the various stages of growth or Bangalore, from nascent to the developed, hold the traveller in sway, whereas other pictures showcase the Wodeyar generations in the various phases of their lifetimes. An eye-catching arch-deco designs impart a finishing touch of art, colour and a certain mysterious ambiance to the surroundings.

How to Reach Bangalore Palace?

Beautiful Bangalore Palace

Located in the heart of the city, inside Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore palace, can be reached via, cabs or autos, and BMTC Buses 287, 287B, 287C, 287D and 287E once you step into Bangalore.

Other Important Information

Bangalore Palace Inside

  • Bangalore Palace Visiting Timings:10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Bangalore Palace Entry Fee: Indian: INR 230, Foreigner: INR 460, still camera 685, mobile camera 285 and video camera 1485 rupees.
  • Bangalore Palace Visiting Hours: The palace allows the public to view it on all the days, except Sunday. You easily require 2 to 3 hours to in to walk around the antiquated expanse, experience the vintage ambience and soak in the breathtaking views.
  • Other Best Places to Visit Around the Bangalore Palace: Saptamata temple and abstract art gallery add their bit of history to the royal memories.

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