Jaisalmer Tourism- Top Tourist Places to Visit in Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour, Rajasthan

Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

The breathtaking landscape of a sandstone fort standing high above the city’s skyline that fades in the desert when night comes, the thrilling background of its construction, the denizens residing inside the fort, the camel safaris in the great Thar Desert, the folk music, Havelis of rich people, picturesque lakes, flora and fauna of desert – Jaisalmer is like a book, which is made of these pieces. It is known as the ‘Golden City,’ famed for its distinguishable golden-coloured architecture all around. One of India’s historic tourist destinations, Jaisalmer is a perfect place to unwind on your Rajasthan trip.

Jaisalmer is located around 575 kilometres from the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur and can be easily reached by road, via train or buses. The place was named after Rawal (Rajput ruler) Jaiswal, who constructed the Jaisalmer Fort. The city is located in the heart of the Thar Desert, fenced by the fort on the top of Trikuta Hill. The fort, formerly the city, was built in 1156 AD, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site has a royal palace and several Jain temples. Most importantly, it is one of the living forts in the world as around one-fourth of the city’s population still lives inside. The first settlement outside the fort came up in the 17th century.

A day trip in Jaisalmer starts with walking along the alleys of Jaisalmer, crossing the street food stalls and eating Kachori and curry along with a cup of hot tea. After filling your stomach, you can start visiting the legendary fort. A walk around and inside the fort, while listening to the details from the guide could get you back to the pages of history books. If you are satisfied with visiting the fort, you can go to the Patwon Ki Haveli, Bada Bagh and other tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. A day trip should be ended without watching the sunset behind the fort from a rooftop cafe in the city. Spending a night in a camp at the dunes is another best thing to do on a Jaisalmer trip.

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan are-

  • Jaisalmer Fort
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Tazia Tower
  • Jain Temples
  • Salim Singh Ki Haveli
  • Patwon Ki Haveli
  • Nathmalji Ki Haveli
  • Desert Cultural Center
  • Government Museum Jaisalmer
  • Desert National Park
  • Sam Sand Dunes
  • Bada Bagh
  • Kuldhara
  • Vyas Chhatri

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1. Jaisalmer Fort – Guardian of Rajput Legacy

Jaisalmer Fort Rajasthan

One of the very few living forts in the world, Jaisalmer Fort has been standing high with its elegance since 1156 AD on Trikuta Hill amidst the Thar Desert. The fort has become popular as one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer not only for its beauty and history but also for exploring the population who still resides inside the fort. It was built by a Rajput Ruler Jaisal, from whom the city, as well as the fort, derive their names. The second oldest fort of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer Fort is also known as Golden Fort as the tawny lion colour of its walls (yellow sandstone) fades to honey-gold in the afternoon, blending the fort with the yellow desert.

The Jaisalmer Fort is an architectural splendor that iconic is in every way possible. It is a must-visit attraction and one of the top tourist places in Jaisalmer. It has intricate carvings and narrow alleys that still hold tales from the past. It is a favorite location for tourists looking for an insight into Rajasthan’s rich history and distinctive appeal because of its popular places of interest.

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2. Gadisar Lake – Tranquil Oasis Amidst Golden Horizons

Gadisar Lake Jaisalmer

One of the most picturesque lakes in Rajasthan, as well as Jaisalmer, Gadisar Lake is an artificial lake built by King Jaisal in 1156 AD. It was constructed to provide water to the entire city. The lake was rebuilt in 1367 AD by Gadsi Singh, from where it derives its name. The lake never dries in summer as it is presently fed by water coming from Indira Gandhi Canal. One of the famous visiting places in Jaisalmer, it has a beautiful yellow stone-carved entrance, which is called Tilon-ki-Pol. The place is perfect for capturing amazing photographs of the surroundings and relaxing in peace and tranquillity.

It is a hidden gem among the top sightseeing places in Jaisalmer which offers a serene and peaceful oasis amid the chaos of the desert city. It is a historic reservoir that is surrounded by different ghats and temples and has been working as a vital water source for generations. Visitors can take a boat ride and enjoy the beauty of the mesmerizing views of the city and enjoy the calm it provides amid the chaos of life.

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3Taz. ia Tower – Intricate Elegance Against the Desert Horizon

Tazia Tower Jaisalmer

It is one of the most visited spots that draws admirers of art and architecture from all around the world. It is now considered a heritage site and is surrounded by many shops and hotels alongside the road. It is a five-storied structure where each story has significance on its own. The visit to the Tazia Tower is free. Exploring the Tazia Tower provides a unique opportunity to observe the fusion of several architectural forms and encounter the colorful traditions that have defined Jaisalmer’s unique personality.

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4. Jain Temples – A Sacred Sojourn Where Heritage Meets Devotion

Jain Temples Jaisalmer

They are a significant spiritual and cultural landmark and are situated inside the Jaisalmer Fort campus. There are seven temples which situated there for more than 800 years. It is a must-visit while you are in the city. These intricately carved temples that are decorated with elaborate sculptures and fine delicate work demonstrate the artistic prowess of the craftsmen of old and continue to be a sacred destination drawing both devotees and art enthusiasts. Get ready to have an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

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5. Salim Singh Ki Haveli – Architectural Marvel

Salim Singh Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Salim Singh ki Haveli is among the best places to visit in Jaisalmer. It is an architectural masterpiece this haveli is one of the best examples of the rich lifestyle of the bygone era. The mansion’s entrance is guarded by two enormous stone-carved elephants, and the haveli’s blue dome is shaped like a dancing peacock. Only the main portion of this haveli and the gift and art shops at the entry remains as the tourist spot because the rest part of the haveli is now an exclusive property.

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6. Patwon Ki Haveli – Living Heritage Etched in Golden City

Patwon Ki Haveli Jaisalmer

A marvelous example of classical architecture, Patwon Ki Haveli stands as one of the top tourist places in Jaisalmer. Also known as the house of brocade merchants, it comprises five mansions or Havelis built for the five Patwa brothers by the wealthy merchant Guman Chand Patwa. The first and largest one among the five Havelis was constructed in 1805, with the others completed over a span of 50 years. The building has gained popularity among tourists for its beautiful wall paintings, intricate sandstone-carved balconies, doorways, and mirror-worked lattice on the walls.

It is one of the most visited and must-see attractions in Jaisalmer tourism, made up of yellow stone with intricate detailing, showcasing marvelous architecture that provides a glimpse into the rich historical past of the area. The Patwon Ki Haveli complex comprises five different havelis. The popularity of Patwon Ki Haveli has increased due to the Haveli’s more than 60 balconies, offering visitors views of the courtyard. The entry fee for Indian visitors is 20 rupees, and for foreign visitors, it is 100 rupees.

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7. Nathmalji Ki Haveli – An Architectural Mirage

Nathmalji Ki Haveli Jaisalmer
It is one of the best places to watch a fusion of Rajput and Islamic architectural styles. The main attraction of the haveli is the intricately carved elephants in yellow stone which are placed at the entrance. It is said to be 500 years old. There is no entry fee and it stays open daily from 8 AM to 7 PM every day.

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8. Desert Cultural Center – A Cultural Odyssey in the Heart of the Desert

This center offers a fascinating tour of the customs, artistic expressions, and way of life in the area. It provides insights into the lively folk music, exquisite crafts, and centuries-old practices that have defined the local identity, enriching your Jaisalmer tour. Your exploration of the city’s most popular attractions will gain depth due to the instructive and immersive experiences provided by the Desert Cultural Centre. It’s a crucial stop for anyone seeking to explore the essence of Jaisalmer’s legacy while learning about the best tourist destinations nearby.

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9. Government Museum – Unlocking the Pages of Jaisalmer’s Past

Government Museum Jaisalmer

The Government Museum offers an interesting glimpse into Rajasthan’s rich culture and history. It is located in the complex of Mehrangarh Fort and showcases a diverse collection of artifacts and invaluable manuscripts. It also offers a huge collection of marine and wood fossils. The Government Museum Jaisalmer Entry is Free on Monday but on other days there is a nominal entry fee of 20 rupees for Indians and 100 rupees for foreign tourists.

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10. Desert National Park – Where Wilderness Blooms in the Dunes

Desert National Park Jaisalmer

One of the largest national parks of our country, Desert National Park is a popular tourist attraction near Jaisalmer. Geographically spanning over an area of 3,162 square kilometres, Desert National Park is home to a rich collection of migratory, as well as resident birds of the desert. It also houses some 180 million years old fossils of plants and animals including 60 million years old fossils of dinosaurs. Spotting the endangered species of Indian bustard along with other animals and plants in Desert National Park is one of the top things to do in Jaisalmer between November and January.

It is among the top sightseeing places in Jaisalmer. The Desert National Park is a gem for nature enthusiasts and people who love wildlife. You can see cacti, various prickly bushes, and desert plants among the region’s untamed flora. The greatest way to experience a 360-degree tour of this Desert ecosystem will be on an action-packed safari. If you’re feeling very daring, you may also go camping and have a bonfire outside in addition to jeep rides.

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11. Sam Sand Dunes – Dance of the Desert Winds

Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer

One of the popular must-see places near Jaisalmer, Sam Sand Dunes is the perfect place to stay in a camp amidst the gorgeous Thar Desert. From camel safari and jeep rides to sunset watching and entertainment programmes at night, if you do not stay in Sam Sand Dunes, your Jaisalmer tour is incomplete. Whether you choose luxurious or budget camping, staying in a desert camp could be a memorable experience to cherish forever.

It is one of the most loved places in Jaisalmer tourism. The towering dunes are situated at a short distance from the city and attract visitors with their landscape and mesmerizing sunset views. A Jaisalmer tour would be incomplete without a visit here you can try camel rides, watch cultural performances, and watch the sun setting behind the dunes, you can make unforgettable memories here.

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12. Bada Bagh – Cenotaphs Amidst the Golden Silence

Bada Bagh Jaisalmer

One of the must visit cenotaphs in Jaisalmer, Bada Bagh is a garden complex situated around six kilometres north to the city. It was originally a water reservoir and a dam built by Jait Singh II in the 16th century, to give Jaisalmer a green touch – an oasis in the desert. After his death, his son Lunkaran built a chhatri cenotaph atop a hillock overlooking the lake along with a beautiful garden beside the lake. After that, many more cenotaphs were built by the rulers dedicated to their predecessors. The marvellous architecture along with the carved chhatris has become a popular attraction of the place over the years.

It is counted among the most visited and must-visit places in Jaisalmer. Bada Bagh is a serene oasis that also resonates with historical significance. Bada Bagh is a crucial stop on your Jaisalmer sightseeing tour because of the beautiful ambiance created by the finely carved marble memorials set against the desert scenery. The best time to visit Bada Bagh is either morning or sunset to get the best picture out of it.

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13. Kuldhara – Mysterious Allure

Kuldhara Jaisalmer

If you’re in Jaisalmer, Kuldhara is a must-include in your itinerary. Located 17 kilometers west of Jaisalmer, this abandoned village invites you to stroll its silent streets, unraveling tales of a bygone era and a once-thriving community. Kuldhara, shrouded in myths and spooky folklore, captivates those intrigued by haunted places. While it’s advisable to avoid visiting after sunset, experiencing this historical site is a unique journey into the past that you should undertake at least once.

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14. Vyas Chhatri – Celestial Memorial

Vyas Chhatri Jaisalmer

It is one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer. This memorial was created in honor of Sage Vyas, also known as the author of the Mahabharata, and is located in Jaisalmer at a site publicly known as the Brahmin cremation ground. The Chhatri is often referred to as the sunset point since it offers a panoramic view of the lovely city of Jaisalmer. The delicate carvings on these cenotaphs showcase the true potential of Rajasthan architecture. The umbrella-shaped dome serves as an excellent example of providing a fitting memorial to Rajput war heroes and esteemed members of wealthy Hindu Brahmin families.

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Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer

As Jaisalmer is a desert city, during the months between October and March would be the best time to plan a vacation tour here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the popular heritage points of interest in Jaisalmer?

The magnificent Jaisalmer Fort which has complex architecture, elaborate carvings, and a lively maze of pathways inside its walls, stands as an eternal sentinel. The beautiful craftsmanship and lavish lifestyle of the past are reflected very well in the havelis such as Patwon Ki Haveli and Nathmal Ki Haveli. These architectural wonders transport visitors back in time and give them a taste of the rich history and cultural legacy that have defined Jaisalmer’s distinct personality together with the calm Jain Temples that are embellished with beautiful sculptures.

How far is Kuldhara village from Jaisalmer city and is any permission required to visit this village?

Kuldhara Village is 15 to 20 km away from Jaisalmer city, you can either take a cab or book a private car to reach there, as it is a haunted place it is advised to visit there before sunset. There is a nominal entry fee of 10 rupees per person and if you take a car there the fee per car is 40 rupees. It is said to be a haunted village where Brahmins used to reside but the reason for its abandonment is still unknown, it has been abandoned for more than one century.

Is photography allowed inside the forts, palaces, and Havelis in Jaisalmer?

In Jaisalmer, photography is typically permitted within the forts, palaces, and Havelis. It’s best to check with the local authorities or tour guides at each site for any updated rules or guidelines regulating photography because some specific sections or exhibits within these historical sites can have restrictions on photography.

Can non-Jains visit the Jain temples in Jaisalmer?

A Jain Temple can be visited by anyone. There is no caste system or any restrictions, but there are some etiquettes that one has to follow inside the temple complex. Drinkable & eatable, leather articles are not allowed inside the temple keep all that in mind while visiting the temple.

How old is Jaisalmer Fort?

The second-oldest fort in Rajasthan was constructed in 1156 at Jaisalmer. It was built by RajaRawal Jaisal. It is said that he selected the Trikuta hills of the vast Thar desert to represent the Rajputs’ domination, power, and majesty.

What is the best time to explore Jaisalmer in Rajasthan?

The greatest season to visit is during the winter. In this typically hot location of Jaisalmer, the temperature is generally pleasant from November to March. The weather is adorable with temperatures ranging from 10 to 26 degrees Celsius. If you visit Rajasthan during winter, you can also get a chance to experience its vibrant and colourful culture showcasing during the Jaisalmer Desert Festival which takes place in the desert of Jaisalmer in February every year.

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