Top 15 Amazing Places to Visit in Meghalaya – The City of Breathtaking Clouds

Meghalaya Tourism- Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, the land of clouds is a marvelous tourist destination to dance in the rhythm of nature. It is a heaven on earth adorned with solace inducing lush green valleys, mountain streams, ancient root Bridges, pristine forests, and beautiful waterfalls. The panoramic views of Meghalaya sprinkles in the soul a sense of reverence and care for Mother Nature. The greenery everywhere will gaze at you with a smile in Meghalaya. Its enchanting landscapes, incredible cultural heritage, festivals and traditions and warm hospitality of the locals makes Meghalaya Tourism best option for family vacation, romantic holidays, solo travel, and nature trips. Indeed, Meghalaya is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of Northeast India. Its mind-boggling scenery always reaches to the depths of the soul.

Glimpses of Meghalaya Tourism

Meghalaya’s Nickname The Abode of Clouds
Meghalaya’s Famous Festivals
  • Wangala Festival
  • Shad Suk Mynsiem
  • Nongkrem Festival
  • Shad Sukra
  • Behdeinkhlam Festival
Meghalaya’s Famous Cuisines
  • Jadoh
  • Doh- Khlieh
  • Pudoh
  • Pumaloi
  • Minil Songa
  • Sakin Gata
  • Kyat
  • Dohneiiong
  • Tungrymbai
Meghalaya’s Famous Places
  • Shillong
  • Cherrapunji
  • Pynursla
  • Nartiang
  • Lum Sohpetbneng
  • Krang Suri Falls
  • Nohkalikai Falls
  • Mawsynram
  • Dawki
  • Living Root Bridges
  • Sohra
Meghalaya’s Famous adventure activities
  • Cave Explorations
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Kayaking
  • Camping
  • Waterfall Rappelling
  • Mountain Biking
Best Time to visit in Meghalaya October to June

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Let’s embrace the beauty of Incredible Meghalaya by exploring these top 15 destinations.

Shillong- Soul of Meghalaya

Umiam Lake Shillong Meghalaya

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is a beautiful landmark destination to understand the heart and soul of Meghalaya. If you really want to understand Meghalaya tourism, then Shillong must be the first place to visit here.

It’s a land of enchantment. Mesmerizing views of mountains, landscapes adorned with stunning greenery, stunning parks for fulfilled picnics, delightful markets, amazing culture heritage and mind-boggling vistas of soothing waterfalls captivates the senses.

It’s a paradise for every wanderer looking for serenity, family holidays, romantic escapes and backpacking in Northeast India.

The picturesque colonial charm is still intact in heritage properties and views of green hills fine tunes-tired spirit. You will never forget the cuisine of Shillong. There are many eateries and stalls around the city where you can try delicious Jadoh (meat dish with herbs), Egg Chowmein, momos and Tungrymbai (dish of fermented soybeans and thai chili spices).

There are many beautiful and park waterfalls in Shillong to spend quality time with your loved ones. These delightful sights and sceneries definitely make Meghalaya sightseeing holidays one of a kind.

Best Time to Visit– March to June (Peak season) and October to March (less crowded)

Cherrapunji- Sweet Rain home


The wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Meghalaya. This place is blessed by rain. The showers of rain, soul seducing misty valleys, pristine rivers and the views of dancing clouds makes Cherrapunji, the most photogenic destination for nature lovers and honeymoon couples in Meghalaya.

If you are looking for a place to plan a romantic holiday, head straight to Cherrapunji. Your camera will never stop clicking beautiful pictures. The continuous downpours also makes Cherrapunji, a go to paradise for monsoon lovers. In fact, it comes 1st in the list of top places to enjoy monsoons in India.

The idyllic villages of Cherrapunji show amazing sights and sounds of Mother Nature. The peaceful parks, stunning waterfalls and misty valleys cures the soul from worldly woes. You must include Cherrapunji in your Meghalaya travel bucket list.

 Best Time to Visit – October to February

Pynursla- Nature’s Healing Touch

Pynursla Meghalaya

Pynursla is a beautiful nature wonder in the East Khasi hills of Meghalaya. Stunning landscapes, beautiful forests, scenic roadways, small lakes and delightful pine dotted countryside makes Pynursla a beautiful stopover to cherish your time with nature.  Nature has blessed Pynursla with abundance. If you are looking for an awesome nature place for jungle camping trips, stunning waterfalls around villages and thrilling trekking trails then you must plan a trip to Pynursla. It is the best place in Meghalaya to embrace greenery, solitude and enjoy thrilling adventures.

Best Time to Visit- October to March

Lum Sohpetbneng – Interesting Legends and Traditions

Located in Ri-bhoi district near Shillong, Lum Sohpetbneng is an awesome travel destination in Meghalaya to dive deep into the unique culture and interesting folktales.

The summit of Lum Sohpetbneng is very sacred for the Khasi tribe. They believe that there was a bridge above the summit which connected heaven and earth many years ago but due to human sin, the bridge was severed.

Every year Khasis come to the summit to pay respect to their legends and unique traditions.

When you reach the top of the summit, you will see the breathing views of Umiam Lake with pine crested forests. It is also a wonderful destination for fulfilled boat rides and water adventures with your loved ones.

You will surely be delighted to spend your vacation in Meghalaya. It is indeed one of the best places to visit to cherish memories with family in Meghalaya.

Best Time to Visit– March -June

Krang Suri Falls- Falls of Bliss

Krang Suri Falls Meghalaya

Located in the West Jaintia hills of southern Meghalaya, Krang Suri Falls is nature’s bliss. It is a best tourist attraction in Meghalaya to spend quality time with family and indulge in nature photography.

Crystal clear waters amidst thickly forested areas will nourish your soul and rejuvenate your mind with bliss. Beautiful Meadows and lush green vegetation all around soothes the eyes and senses.

If you are with your loved ones then you can enjoy camping and boat rides to make your Northeast holidays memorable forever.

Krang Suri Falls is a beautiful nature’s delight that touches the soul with eternal joy. You must visit here once in a lifetime.

 Best Place to Visit- April -June

Nartiang Durga Temple- Divine Touch

Nartiang Durga Temple Meghalaya

Steeped in history, culture, and unique traditions, you must not miss Nartiang Durga temple in Meghalaya. It’s a place where you would love to spend hours for self-introspection.

This temple will captivate your senses with interesting stories and history. Do you know? Nartiang Durga temple was a sacrificial spot until British rule. It was the place where human sacrifices were made.  You will be amazed to see many interesting old antiques, cannons, relics, and ruins of the old Jaintia Palace of the old Jaintia kingdom. You will also witness monolith gardens here. Every view here reveals something interesting. It is indeed a must not miss tourist attraction in Meghalaya.

Best Time to Visit- September to February

Sohra- Culture Speaks and Folktales Shines

Sohra Meghalaya

Sohra is a delightful cultural capital of Khasis. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Meghalaya. A day here with your loved ones will be worth it. You will witness beautiful cascades, rivers and abundance of greenery to relax your senses. Nature will heal you with amazing vistas of scenic Sohra plateau and caves with underwater streams. There are many beautiful places to visit in Sohra. Arwah caves for fossils, crustacean shells and fish bones, Mawsmai caves for fossils and natural attractions and Dainthlen falls for solace are a must not miss.

There is a very interesting legend associated with the Sohra plateau. It is said that there is a great battle fought between a giant evil serpent named Thlen who was defeated by the local residents of an ancient village which is now our lovely Sohra. Tourists from all over India come here to enjoy cave exploration and nature holidays in Meghalaya.

 Best Time to Visit– May to September

Nohkalikai Falls- Soothing Beauty

Cherrapunji Tourism - Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunji
 Gushing down from a height of 1,115ft Nohkalikai falls is a beautiful travel attraction in Meghalaya to visit for nature lovers and couples.

It is also the tallest plunge waterfall to see in Meghalaya. With abundance of Greenery all around, you will definitely bow down to the serenity of Nohkalikai Falls.

Families and Solo backpackers who are looking for a place to escape the chaos of the world must visit here to merge their souls and refresh their mind in Nohkalikai falls.

There is a sad story associated with Nohkalikai falls. It is said that a grief-stricken mother jumped in the falls after her husband murdered her daughter as she used to give all her time to the little one.

It delights the heart to see the serene water drops from great height to a green basin creating an incredible splash. Soothed by the voice of waters and caressed by the greenery, every wanderer would want to visit Nohkalikai falls even after leaving its shores.

Best Time to Visit- October to December and March to May

Living Root Bridges- Saga of Resilience

Double Decker Living Root Bridge Cherrapunji
Witness the rich and vibrant biodiversity of Meghalaya in the iconic Living root bridges. It is a must visit destination to visit in Meghalaya. It is an UNESCO heritage site for showing the resilience, craftsmanship and ingenuity of the ancient Khasi community.

The bridge is made of tree roots built by the Khasi tribe for crossing rivers. The living Root Bridge reveals to you the most charming sights and sounds of nature. There are mesmerizing remote places to stop by and click amazing pictures in and around the Living Root Bridges.

The bridges are very good examples of Bioengineering. The trunk of the roots provides protection from weather. It takes 15-30 years for the root structure to become strong to bear any weight. The Living Root Bridge is a result of a profound cooperative effort of ancient indigenous Khasi communities. Indeed, visiting Meghalaya would be memorable if you embrace the natural heritage of the Living Root Bridges.

Best Time to Visit- April to October

Dawki- Adventure Paradise

Dawki River Lake

96 km from the beautiful city of Shillong, lies the most scenic travel destination of Meghalaya called Dawki. It is one of the best places to visit for nature lovers in Meghalaya.  It’s a blissful place with mesmerizing deep gorges and breathtaking ravines which completely transports you into a fairytale world. The souls of the travelers live here forever. Umngot River is the most visited place in Dawki Meghalaya. Boat rides, nature photography and fishing makes this place worth spending time with your near and dear ones. Moreover, when you visit Dawki, you must head to Shnongpdeng and Darrang for a fulfilling Riverside camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and Snorkeling.

Best Time to Visit– November to May

Mawsynram- Nature’s Kiss

Views of the cool mountain streams, beautiful rock formations, lush gardens, plenty of waterfalls and fruit orchards makes Mawsynram the best place to visit in Meghalaya to enjoy Northeast India vacations.

It is also a wonderful travel attraction to treat yourself with thrilling adventures.   Swimming and Kayaking in Umkha Koi Lake makes holidays in Mawsynram for adventure seekers. Camping in Phlang Mawsyrpat village is a must not miss to make your Meghalaya sightseeing interesting.

Best Time to Visit- September to November

Mawphlang Sacred Groves – Sacred Solitude

Mawphlang Sacred Groves Meghalaya

Mawphlang sacred groves is one of the most unique and interesting places to visit in Meghalaya. If you are looking for offbeat travel attractions in Meghalaya then you must head to Mawphlang sacred groves. This place is so sacred that you are not allowed to take even a pebble or twig with you. It holds a very significant place in Khasi customs and traditions. You will be amazed to see some of the rarest plants, trees and mushrooms of this region here.

It’s a very important place for Khasi tribes as they conduct sacrifices as well as ceremonial meetings of kings, leaders and chiefs. Visiting here would definitely be a unique cultural experience for any wanderer.

Best Time to Visit- September to May

Nongkhnum River Island- Best for Relaxing Northeast Vacation

Nongkhnum River Island

Surrounded with cascading waterfalls and serene sandy beaches, Nongkhnum River Island is a must visit destination in Meghalaya to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. It is also the largest river island in Asia which makes it gorgeous to click awesome pictures. Its beauty attracts lots of nature lovers from across the globe. If you really want to enjoy your time here then you must visit during the annual festival. You will get to learn about history, culture, cuisines, and music in the festival.

It is the place to witness the split of Meghalaya’s largest river Kynshi into Phan Liang and Nam Liang River. Moreover, you will see lots of rare plant and insect species. Boat rides and camping makes this place soothing to relax in the lap of nature.

 Best Time to Visit– October to April

Kudengrim – Remote Magical Pieces of Nature

Kudengrim Living Root Bridge

Friendly locals, pine-crested hillocks, and beautiful Paddy fields all around makes Kudengrim a thing of beauty and joy forever in Meghalaya. It is a beautiful nature paradise to enjoy for solace seekers and nature lovers in Meghalaya. Less crowded, peaceful, and magical views compel tourists for a relaxing stopover in Kudengrim

Kudengrim Living Root Bridge is the center of attraction. It has captivated the heart and soul of every wanderer. It’s a two leveled bridge with beautiful bamboo paths and mesmerizing stream crossings. You must also visit Mukhre step falls which is the most scenic falls located near Kudengrim Living Root Bridge.

Best Time to Visit- November to May

Nartiang – Historical Wonder

Nartiang Meghalaya

A beautiful historical place with a collection of large monoliths, Nartiang captures the mind’s quest for interesting things and unique experiences in Meghalaya.

The most beautiful attraction here is monoliths which are erected as monuments for erstwhile Jaintia Kings. You will be amazed to know that all these monoliths are carved out of single stone. Nartiang Monoliths are said to be the tallest in the world.

The monoliths are symbolic. The standing monoliths also known as Moo shyanrang stand for male ancestors and the monoliths which are flat ones – Moo Kyanthai stand for women ancestors. Each and every piece of rock is in the memory of someone. One must also enjoy delicious Pnar cuisine for a unique culinary experience in Nartiang.Don Sain or Doh Sniang Nei-Long are some of the best dishes served in most Pnar homes. You must not miss the experience of tasting unique dishes of Meghalaya.

Best Time to Visit– October to June

Meghalaya is a very interesting travel destination to include in your travel bucket list of India. Everything is unique about its culture, cuisine, history, festivals and places which is also the reason why travelers are so curious and interested in planning a trip in Meghalaya. Many places in Meghalaya are still unexplored which invites curiosity and adventure for thrill seekers. Why not you plan a wonderful trip to explore the beauty of Meghalaya? It would definitely seduce your soul forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Meghalaya?

October to June is the best time to plan an awesome trip to enjoy the beauty of Meghalaya. April to June are the months of summer which lets you enjoy warm days and outdoor activities. It’s the peak tourism season of Meghalaya but if you are visiting during the months of November to March, you will see less crowds. It’s the best time to enjoy foggy mornings, indoor activities and lots of trekking expeditions.

What are the top must visit places in Meghalaya?

Here is a list of top must visit places in Meghalaya –

  • Arwah Cave
  • Mawsynram
  • Shillong
  • Cherrapunji
  • Dawki
  • Nartiang
  • Krang Suri Falls
  • Nohkalikai Falls
  • Tura
  • Jowai
  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Are there direct flights to Meghalaya?

No, there is no direct flight to reach Meghalaya. The only airport which is located 35 km from Shillong is in Umroi but it’s not connected to other cities. Another nearest airport is Gopinath Bordoloi Airport in Guwahati which is around 128 km away from Shillong.

Is it safe to travel in Meghalaya?

Yes, Meghalaya is safe to travel for any wanderer in India but still you should always take care of your belongings. Meghalaya is also a beautiful and safe travel destination for solo women travelers. Police force and locals are very helpful and friendly to help any traveler.

Do we need special permits to visit Meghalaya?

Yes, you need a-invite to travel to Meghalaya. Don’t worry you will get the e-invite from Meghalaya Tourism App available in Play store.

What are the best places for family vacation in Meghalaya?

Here is an amazing list of best places for family vacation in Meghalaya-

  • Nongpoh
  • Shillong
  • Cherrapunji
  • Mawlynnong
  • Dawki
  • Tura
  • Umiam
  • Arwah Cave
  • Mawsynram
  • Jowai
  • Nartiang

How many days are required for a Meghalaya Trip?

It totally depends on your interests. The type of activities you want to do in Meghalaya will decide your duration here. Generally, 5 days are ideal to spend time in Meghalaya but if you are interested in any adventure activity or festival then your duration might increase.

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