The 10 Best Islands in Maldives for a Relaxing Vacation

Best Islands to Visit in Maldives

The Maldives is also referred to as a country of islands. It is one of the top destinations for beach lovers.  Besides offering the scenic landscape of beaches it will also offer dreamy bungalows and villas for your luxury stay.  Endowed with crystalline blue seas, palm trees, sandy beaches, and the splendor of nature, Maldives is an ideal location for your perfect vacation! If you are a peace lover, then there are many islands offering surreal beauty that will help you rejuvenate your soul from the grinds of city life. Among all those exotic Islands, if you are lost in choosing one for you, we are here to help you select the best destinations for you. In this article, we are going to discuss several exhilarating islands including Mudhdhoo Beach, Hulhumale Beach, Taj Exotica Beach, Cocoa Beach, and many more.

The 10 Best Beach Islands in Maldives for a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Retreat-

  • Mudhdhoo Beach
  • Bikini Beach
  • Hulhumale Beach
  • Cocoa Island
  • Veligandu Island Beach
  • Reethi Beach
  • Rasfannu Beach
  • Artificial Beach
  • Fulhadhoo Beach
  • Thoondu Beach

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1. Mudhdhoo Island

Mudhdhoo Beach Maldives

Mudhdhoo Island also known as Vaadhoo Island is located in Ra Atoll. This beautiful island gives off some of the most ethereal landscapes to its visitors. Vaadhoo Island’s sea waves that are lapping the shore glitters in blue dots, giving it a starry night view. The island is surrounded by crystalline water and swaying palm trees. If you are an adventure enthusiast who likes to take risks then this Island is an Ideal destination for you. The place is famous for deep diving and snorkeling because of the abundance of marine life here.

Highlights of the Mudhdhoo Beach Island

The Glowing Beach on this Island Is the most stunning and magical in the Maldives. Because of the presence of luminous phytoplankton, you will be able to notice the glowing waves just after sunset. These planktons emit blue lights which give an ethereal look to the sea. Many people from all over the world visit this beach just to witness this natural phenomenon taking place in the dark.

2. Bikini Beach

Bikni Beach Maldives

Bikini Beach on Mafushi Island is one of the most beautiful places to visit during your Maldives tourism. Filled with comfortable sunbeds, the place is an exotic destination to enjoy sunbathing. Thousands of people from all over the world come here just to lay back, enjoy, and relax in the warmth of this beach. As you can guess from the name of this place, unlike other beaches in the Maldives you can choose the bikini for your choice here. Still, carrying a T-shirt with you is recommended to avoid legal confrontations.

Highlights of the Bikini Beach Island

This is the only place where tourists are allowed to wear bikinis according to their preferences. People come here for its relaxing environment and breathtaking views. You will be able to witness many coconut trees surrounding the beach.

3. Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach Maldives

Located on the Kaffu Atoll, this beach is famous for its spectacular blue views of the water surrounding it. This inexpensive and charming beach offers serenity to your relaxing holidays. Mainly because the Muslim community wearing bikinis is strictly prohibited here, so it is recommended to carry some decent clothes to enjoy this beach. The Old Friday Mosque is one of the main attractions near this beach where you can rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Highlights of the Hulhumale Beach Island

If you like watching marine life, then this place is an ideal destination for animal lovers. You might get a chance to get tickets for Dolphin watching, where you will be provided with a speed boat to take a tour near their habitat.

4. Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island Maldives

This tropical paradise Island is one of the most gorgeous islands in the world. The charming and luxurious destination is nothing but a source of rejuvenation and relaxation from the busing lives of cities. Being the proud island of the Maldives, this place is home to the most luxurious resorts and villas. The fluttering clear waves and the soft sand under your feet will touch your soul. The major water sports activities include scuba diving and snorkeling.

Highlights of the Cocoa Beach Island

This Cocoa Island in the Maldives possesses over 32 luxurious suites. If you fancy luxurious and private vacations, then this place offers all the privacy you want to spend your time with your peers or lover.

5. Veligandu Island Beach

Veligandu Island Beach Maldives

If you are someone looking for an entertaining vacation experience, then this Velingandu Island is backing you up. This stunning Island in the Maldives, which is located on the Eastern Rasdhoo Atoll, is home to some of the most stunning turquoise lagoons, extensive lengths of white beaches and sands, and a vivid house reef. This island will fulfill your all fantasies since it offers some heavenly views to its visitors. The island is covered in lush coconut palm trees, and the Veligandu Island resorts are artistically built among the vegetation and along the pond.

Highlights of the Veligandu Island Beach

The lagoon on the island is the perfect location for water sports like windsurfing and kayaking. There are freshwater swimming pools nearby and a great house reef for snorkeling. The location is best for people who just want to relax and unwind.

6. Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach Maldives

Reethi Beach, a family-friendly beach located on Fonimagoodhoo Island. This stunning Island is known for its white glistening sand. Though the beach is famous among honeymooners, it is also an ideal destination for families. If you are someone who gets pleasure from watching the vibrant nightlife then this place should be on your travel list. It is recommended to carry appropriate swimsuits as topless swimming is strictly prohibited here.

Highlights of the Reethi Beach Island

The Reethi beach resort with a number of villas is the main attraction here. With all those luxurious services and warm greetings, the beach resort offers some of the most exhilarating and breathtaking views. This four-star beach resort is one of the most visited destinations in the Maldives.

7. Rasfannu Beach

Rasfannu Beach Maldives

Rasfannu Beach, an artificial beach on the lands of the Maldives is a great attraction of the nation. The main goal behind creating this exotic beach was to promote more water sports and activities, but people usually come to experience the local’s lifestyles by strolling on the streets of Male. The area is full of mouthwatering eateries, there are many affordable restaurants nearby. You will be able to find many retail shops to shop from.

Highlights of the Rasfannu Beach

Travelers will have access to a wide range of water and adventure sports at this beach. There are many food stalls near the beach to quench your hunger.

8. Artificial Beach

Artificial Beach Maldives

Artificial beach, which is the only man-made beach in the Maldives has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the nation. Located on the North Male Atoll, this serene beach is the ideal destination for swimming. Spending your vacations in this place, you will be able to witness many carnivals and fests and experience a number of water activities. Mainly because of the popularity of this beach, many music bands come here to light up the evenings of this place. The main attractions of this destination include Shark Point, Nassimo Thilla, and Manta Point.

Highlights of the Artificial Beach

This beach offers a serene ambiance, so taking a long stroll on the seaside is a must-do activity to relax your mind and soul. Many people come here just to take pictures with stunning backgrounds of the sunset.

9. Fulhadhoo Beach

Fulhadhoo Beach Maldives

Fulhadhoo is one of the Maldives’ most tranquilizing islands. The island offers one of the most pristine lagoons and white sand beaches. The place is a hidden jewel of the Maldives, because of the low tourism and the exquisite marine life here. The place is ideal for scuba diving to watch all those turtles and fishes in their habitat. There are many azure ponds here for your safe swimming. Many travelers prefer taking a stroll sound this fantastic Island to experience the eastern settlement.

Highlights of the Fulhadhoo Beach

Mainly because of the peaceful ambiance and the water surrounding the island, people from all over the world come here just to relax under the warm sun. Because of the low population, this place is still intact as it was when it comes to the natural reefs and palm trees.

10. Thoondu Beach

Thoondu Beach Maldives

Thoondu beach is located on the North-Western end of Fuvahmula Island. The white band of swaying palms gives some of the most breathtaking views to its visitors. The beach is very famous among surfers during July and August. Instead of coral sand, the shore is filled with coral pebbles glistering under the sun giving off an exotic landscape. It is recommended to go swimming only when you are a good swimmer, mainly because of the dangerously strong currents in the sea.

Highlights of the Thoondu Beach

You will be able to witness a unique natural phenomenon where the sand of the beach moves away towards the reef and create a natural pond, where people enjoy swimming and bathing. The glittering sand pebbles are one of the main attractions of this beach.

These are some of the best tourist islands in the Maldives tourism list to visit with your lover or family. However, it might be difficult to book hotels because of the crowd in the peak season. We would recommend booking hotels online before your visit. Book a tour package that includes a nice stay and all activities you must experience as well as sightseeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Maldives Island?

The best time to visit the Maldives is from October to July.

What are the top activities to do on Maldives’ beaches?

Maldives is famous for water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, but many people also opt to relax on these peaceful beaches.

Which are the top beaches to visit in the Maldives for a Honeymoon?

Top beaches for couples include Hulhumale Island, Veligandu Island, Maafushi Island, and Male Island.

What are the top beach destinations to visit in the Maldives with family?

Banana Reef, Alimatha Island, Artificial Beach, and Artificial Beach are some of the most famous destinations in Maldives for families.

Which are the best dolphin and whale-watching Islands in the Maldives?

Islands famous for dolphin and whale watching-.

  • Corallium Tours.
  • Secret Paradise Maldives.
  • Tuktukdude Maldives.
  • Crosswater Maldives.
  • Whale Shark Maldives.

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