Gir National Park Gujarat- Gir Wildlife Tourism

Gir National Park, Gujarat: A Safari Tourism Guide & The Best Time to Visit

Sasan Gir National Park is the only place outside Africa where one can see a lion in its native environment. Also simply known as Gir National Park, this sanctuary is called home by more than 300 species of Asiatic lions, which are one of the world’s most endangered species almost nearing the extinction. Gir National Park is also the only place where you can see the Asiatic lion in a natural habitat. As the lions live in dry savanna type of forest lands, state of Gujarat provides the ideal condition of this species to thrive. The staggering species alone is a significant reason that over 60,000 tourists visit the Gir every year. However, the National Park has much more to see than these majestic and exotic big Cats. The park is adorned with other big cats and animals including striped hyena, golden jackal, Bengal fox, chital, nilgai, chinkara, etc. Read More “Gir National Park, Gujarat: A Safari Tourism Guide & The Best Time to Visit”

Manas National Park Assam

Manas National Park, Assam – Complete Travel Guide

Manas National Park, located in the northeastern state of India – Assam, is a captivating destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Its unique blend of diverse flora and rare fauna species creates an enchanting environment that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, the national park boasts a rich and distinct biodiversity nourished by the Manas River and the Beki River, two tributaries of the mighty Brahmaputra River. The park’s landscapes are nothing short of captivating, and its abundant wildlife beckons visitors to return time and again, offering the opportunity to create enduring memories. Read More “Manas National Park, Assam – Complete Travel Guide”

Best Places to Stay in Ranthambore National Park

Hotels & Resorts: Top Accommodations in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is a national park & tiger reserve located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan and is an important Tiger Reserve in India. It houses a number of wildlife species, the prominent among them being the Bengal Tigers. The park gets its name from the Ranthambore Fort that exists within it. What originally began as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955, then turned into a tiger reserve in 1973 under the Project Tiger. The tigers of the park are what makes people come to Ranthambore. Given the number of tigers that are in the park, it is possible to spot them on your visit. Ranthambore National Park offers the visitors to roam in its jungles by taking a wildlife safari. On your safari you can not only spot the mighty tigers but also other wildlife that reside in the park such as the sloth bear, leopard, caracal, jackal, chital, sambar deer, and the blue bull antelope or nilgai, among others. Read More “Hotels & Resorts: Top Accommodations in Ranthambore National Park”

T-84 New Born Cubs in Ranthambore

Ranthambore’s Big Cat Boom: Tigress T-84 Spotted with Three New Cubs

There’s good news for wildlife lovers, as the renowned Ranthambore Tigress T-84, affectionately known as Arrowhead, has recently given birth to three adorable cubs. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR), spread across a whopping 1,334 square kilometer area, continues its legacy as the best destination for tiger sightings in India. It is now home to around 89 tigers, with the new additions to the big cat family marking a significant win for wildlife conservation.

On Tuesday (25 July 2023), the ten-year-old Tigress T-84 was spotted playfully wandering the lush forests of the famous national park Ranthambore, near Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, with her three new cubs. This sighting sparked an outpouring of happiness among all wildlife enthusiasts who shared their joy and views over social media, celebrating the valuable addition to the growing big cat population in the Ranthambore National Park. Read More “Ranthambore’s Big Cat Boom: Tigress T-84 Spotted with Three New Cubs”

Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench National Park Wildlife Travel Guide, Madhya Pradesh

Pench National Park, located in the Madhya Pradesh districts of Seoni and Chhindwara, gets its name from the Pench River, which carves a course through the forest. It crosses both Madhya Pradesh and the neighboring state of Maharashtra due to its size. One of Rudyard Kipling’s best works, The Jungle Book, was inspired by the entrancing beauty of Pench National Park.

This park can be the wildest fantasy for nature lovers, with its rocky pathways, wooded hills, clear rivers, and gushing streams that draw large crowds of tourists each year. No other region in India can boast of having over 300 different species of flora and wildlife as a result of the lovely, thick woodlands! Additionally, there are swarms of local and migratory birds that live here. Read More “Pench National Park Wildlife Travel Guide, Madhya Pradesh”


Kaziranga National Park: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

From the one horned rhinoceros to wild water buffalo & a rich flora, a wildlife safari in Kaziranga National Park will surprise you with its vastness, richness & diversity!

Kaziranga National Park will never cease to surprise visitors, wildlife lovers, ornithologists and naturalists with its vastness, richness and unbelievable diversity, both in its landscape and wildlife. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park stretches across the districts of Golaghat, Karbi Anglong and Nagaon in Assam. The Park is also criss crossed by four major rivers which are the Brahmaputra, Mora Diphlu, Diphlu and Mora Dhansiri. Read More “Kaziranga National Park: A Comprehensive Travel Guide”

Bandhavgarh National Park

6 Best Places to Visit Near Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are one of the fans of those big wild and majestic cats then Bandhavgarh National Park is the best destination for you. The place is well known for its Bengal tigers. You will see many foreigners coming here just to see these magnificent cats. The tiger population is so dense that the park’s unofficial tagline states that you’re lucky to see a tiger in most places but unlucky not to see one at Bandhavgarh. Read More “6 Best Places to Visit Near Bandhavgarh National Park”

Kanha National Park & Tiger Reserve

Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh Reopens for Tourists

Kanha National Park is now open for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers for the forthcoming season. As per the latest Kanha tiger reserve tourism update, this popular national park and tiger reserve opens on October 1st, this year. Reportedly, the Madhya Pradesh tourism department announced Kanha National Park’s opening date 2022 two weeks prior to its general schedule to strengthen wildlife tourism and make up for the shortcomings from the last two years of the pandemic. This time, the good news is, all three gates of the park are open together. Read More “Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh Reopens for Tourists”

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh Reopens for Tourists

As per the latest Bandhavgarh National Park tourism update, the famous national park and tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh is now open for tourists. Bandhavgarh National Park’s opening date for 2023 is decided on October 1st. The park is now open for the next season, till June last week and people can plan a Bandhavgarh National Park wildlife jungle safari at any time between October and June. However, Bandhavgarh National Park closing dates depend on the authority to decide every year. Read More “Bandhavgarh National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh Reopens for Tourists”