Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim

Sikkim is perhaps the most absolute escape for all adventure loving couples, all the way to an off-the-beaten destination with unseen beauty; a noteworthy romantic getaway for honeymooners and couples alike. Its towns are located on the sky-soaring eastern Himalayas and filled with breathtaking vistas, rich culture, and zillions of quaint unexplored areas, untouched by most of the tourists. Read More “Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim”

Agartala Tourism- Best Places to Visit in Agartala

Agartala Tourism – Top Tourist Places & Things to Do in Agartala, Tripura

The beauty of Northeast India is unequivocally and universally acknowledged. The incomparable landscapes of the states in the northeast have always allured tourists around the globe. The places are mostly unexplored and thus a lot of travellers come here to see what only a few or no eyes have seen. Agartala is one such place. If you are a backpacker or travelling with your family, tourism in Agartala is going to fascinate you with its environment. Agartala is the city where modernity meets tradition and thus is a perfect place for one’s love, peace, and serenity. Read More “Agartala Tourism – Top Tourist Places & Things to Do in Agartala, Tripura”

Meghalaya Tourism- Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Top 15 Amazing Places to Visit in Meghalaya – The City of Breathtaking Clouds

Meghalaya, the land of clouds is a marvelous tourist destination to dance in the rhythm of nature. It is a heaven on earth adorned with solace inducing lush green valleys, mountain streams, ancient root Bridges, pristine forests, and beautiful waterfalls. The panoramic views of Meghalaya sprinkles in the soul a sense of reverence and care for Mother Nature. The greenery everywhere will gaze at you with a smile in Meghalaya. Its enchanting landscapes, incredible cultural heritage, festivals and traditions and warm hospitality of the locals makes Meghalaya Tourism best option for family vacation, romantic holidays, solo travel, and nature trips. Indeed, Meghalaya is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of Northeast India. Its mind-boggling scenery always reaches to the depths of the soul. Read More “Top 15 Amazing Places to Visit in Meghalaya – The City of Breathtaking Clouds”

Cherrapunji Tourism - Nohkalikai Falls Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji: The Jewel of Meghalaya Tourism

Snuggled in the lap of East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, Cherrapunjee is attributed as the second wettest place on earth dotted with lush green hills, mist-covered valleys, serene lakes and several enchanting waterfalls that cast a magical spell on every visitor. A popular hill retreat in the Northeastern part of India, it has many tourist attractions to explore.

The ‘Nohkalikai Falls’, located just a short distance from the heart of Cherrapunjee, is acknowledged to be the largest plunge waterfall in India, and is one of the most visited places in the town. Mawsmai Caves is another popular tourist destination with its fascinating stalactite & stalagmite formations combined with the spooky eeriness and constant dripping of water from the roof, enthrals every visitor leaving them with a unique holiday experience. Read More “Cherrapunji: The Jewel of Meghalaya Tourism”

Sikkim Tourism- Best Places to Visit in Sikkim

Experience the Best of Sikkim: 15 Best Places to Explore on Your Next Trip

The land of gorgeous nature, the land of tranquility, the land of Orchids, it is very difficult to define Sikkim’s beauty in words. It’s one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to visit in India. Perfect for all kinds of travelers. Be it solo travelers, backpackers, couples, adventurers, nature and wildlife lovers and families- Everyone finds bliss in Sikkim. Sikkim is blessed with abundance of natural resources.  Decked with snowcapped mountains, lakes, rivers and varieties of flora and fauna Sikkim is one of the best ecological hotspots of the world. Sikkim is truly a wealth of Eastern Himalayas. One must explore the rich natural bio diversities, blue mountain lakes, gorgeous Buddhist monasteries and hillsides. You will be amazed and enchanted forever. Sikkim is a wholesome tourist destination to visit in India. Read More “Experience the Best of Sikkim: 15 Best Places to Explore on Your Next Trip”

Best Places to Visit in North East India Tour - Tawang

15 Best Places to Visit in Northeast India Tour – Complete Travel Guide

Unlike other places in India, the North East is the less explored region which you must consider for your next vacation. Why? North East India, the enchanting landscapes of the seven sisters Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur and Nagaland and their brother Sikkim will literally delight your senses with its unique customs and traditions, abundance of forests, lakes, waterfalls and heritage attractions. Every moment here is spent in excitement as you will constantly think what’s next? This was interesting. From food, festivals, lifestyle, to beautiful fairytale-like landscapes, everything here is a door to enter into a new world. There are unique floral and faunal species. Every tribe has their own customs and traditions. There are many beautiful trails which are completely remote and unspoilt. Traveling to North East India will nourish your mind and soul with exciting experiences and you will get to know a lot about the richness of the heritage and culture of Incredible India. Read More “15 Best Places to Visit in Northeast India Tour – Complete Travel Guide”

Shillong Tourism

Shillong Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Shillong Sightseeing Tour, Meghalaya

Nestled in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya, Shillong is one of the most enchanting hill stations in North East India, blessed with a captivating scenic charm of rolling hills, tranquil lakes and soaring pines. No wonder, it is often referred to as the “Scotland of the East”, inviting hordes of nature lovers, adventure aficionados and soul seekers alike. The quaint hill town is also a honeymooner’s paradise, offering the romantic hearts the much-needed cosy time amidst serene settings of nature. Read More “Shillong Tourism – Top Tourist Places to Visit in Shillong Sightseeing Tour, Meghalaya”

Best Places to Visit in North East India

Top 12 Places to Visit in The North East India in This Summer

Tourists from all over the world flock to India’s northeast states, which are known for their rolling hills, lush valleys, and bubbling rivers, as well as their fascinating aura. The states’ cultural variety and heritage are also well-known. Tourists go to them for their hiking trails, parks where they may see wild creatures in their natural habitat, ancient temples, and snow-capped high peaks. If you’re considering a trip to the land of the Seven Sisters during summer season as summer adds refreshing vibes in the nature. The solace and beauty of nature are the best vistas if you are considering summer for your Northeast India trip. Read More “Top 12 Places to Visit in The North East India in This Summer”