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Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his Jungle Book, and it will inspire you too in many ways. From various mammals including Royal Bengal Tigers & Barasingha to a rich variety of birds & reptiles, a wildlife safari in Kanha will enrich your experiences as a wildlife lover!

Kanha National Park is a famous tiger reserve in India and counted among the largest national parks in Madhya Pradesh. Situated in the Maikal Range of Satpura (a range of hills of Central India), it is divided into two protected areas: Hallon and Banjar, across two districts, Mandala and Kalaghat.

The Park was created in 1955 and designated a tiger reserve in 1973. It is one of the largest parks in Central India. The Park is also the first of its kind in India to officially introduce an official mascot: Bhoorsingh the Barasingha. Read More “Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh”

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Taking a wildlife safari during the summer season brings with it its own rewards. Although the hot weather can be a bit daunting, the chances of spotting various kinds of animals are extremely high. The animals, in the popular national parks in India along with the wildlife sanctuaries, come out in the open to visit the nearest waterholes to quench their thirst. The clear skies also increase the chances of spotting an animal. Taking a wildlife safari is a good way of throwing in some adventure & thrill into your summer vacation. Read More “Top 6 National Parks to Visit in Summer in India”

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Uttarakhand is Devbhoomi, an abode of the gods and goddesses. How else could a place be so beautiful. Every inch of the landscape seems to be touched by the hand of the Divine. Trekking in Uttarakhand, with its great Garhwal & Kumaon Himalaya ranges, is an adventure unparalleled. The summer season in Uttarakhand starts from April and lasts till June. The entire landscape opens up after the winters, projecting its beauty to the fullest. During a summer trekking tour in Uttarakhand, you cross rhododendron, oak & conifer forests, visit famous spiritual destinations, negotiate high altitude passes and have a memorable trekking experience. Read More “6 Best Treks to Do in Uttarakhand in Summer”