Best Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu- Meenakshi Temple

15 Best Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu, South India

Tamil Nadu is adorned with a diversity of heritage and religious tourism. Tamil Nadu is well-known for its carved temples, festivals, and celebration of the arts and hence make a must part of the South India tour. A treasure for history buffs, culture explorers, spirituality seekers, and nature enthusiasts, Tamil Nadu stands out as one of the distinctive states in India that offers a unique experience to its visitors. It is the people who make the state come alive; thus Tamil Nadu is as calm in its crowd just as the people here. With its extensive coastline, Nilgiri mountain ranges, and Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu offers a serene connection with nature. Additionally, its cities and towns narrate ancient tales through their culture, traditions, and architectural marvels.

Undoubtedly, Tamil Nadu ranks among the top pilgrimage destinations in India, featuring revered cities like Rameshwaram and Kanchipuram, as well as historical towns like Madurai and Kanyakumari, all of which embody the rich heritage of South Indian culture. While exploring these sites, make sure not to resist the temptation of indulging in mouth-watering South Indian cuisines and sweets. Dishes like Dosa, Idli, Sambar, and various curries are bound to linger in your memory long after your unforgettable holiday in Tamil Nadu. Read More “15 Best Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu, South India”

Paro Bhutan Tourism - Best Places to Visit

10 Best Places to Visit in Paro, Bhutan

Paro, the mystical town in Bhutan might make you a philosopher who guides his/her soul by losing it every time; a hermit whose only purpose is to be lost in this dream land and a candle who burns and melts continuously to be lost in its mesmerizing mystical paradise. Even a single glimpse of Paro might make your visceral whistle and leaves an imprint of desire in your heart to know the map of this quaint town.

Paro is an indifferent canvas who needs a traveler to brighten its identity and a traveler on the other hand is like a wholesale dashing of colors upon this canvas. Read More “10 Best Places to Visit in Paro, Bhutan”

Madhyamaheshwar Temple

Panch Kedar: Madhyamaheshwar Temple Opening Date 2024

Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods is currently blazing bright with the crowd of pilgrims. With the opening of Char Dham portals on 3rd May, devotees from all across the globe come here to take the divine blessings of almighty. Talking about major pilgrimage shrines, the holy Panch Kedar Shrine of Madhyamaheshwar is also ready to welcome devotees with great pomp and show. The spiritual fervor is at its peak. Read More “Panch Kedar: Madhyamaheshwar Temple Opening Date 2024”