11 Best Treks in Sikkim for Adventure Loving Souls

Best Treks in Sikkim - Trekking in Sikkim

Situated in the Northeast India, Sikkim is a veritable heaven for adventure enthusiasts with a passion for trekking. Just imagine: vast emerald valleys dotted with snow-capped mountains; they are beautiful from every angle. Every trail in Sikkim has a tale to tell – one that offers a mix of nature’s bounty, cultural heritage, and adventure.

Let’s list out the real stars – the 11 best treks that will convince you to book your next trip right now in Sikkim. From the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek where you will truly feel as if you are touching the sky to the spell-bounding Green Lake trek where every step will feel as if you are walking into a fairytale, one simply cannot get enough of Sikkim’s High-altitude treks.

  • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
  • Green Lake Trek
  • Goecha La Trek
  • Varsey Trek
  • Dzongri Trek
  • Sandakphu Trek
  • Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary Trek
  • The Kasturi Orar Round Trek
  • Singalila Ridge and Goecha La Trek
  • Dzongri – Goechala Trek
  • The Mulkarkha Lake Trek

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Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek Sikkim

Think of traveling to Kanchenjunga? It is one of the top trekking destinations in Sikkim. It is also one of the tallest and the largest mountains in the world and walking to the base camp excites the heart. But this is not your typical adventure trek; this is a rare experience in the Indian Himalayas.

You see, Kanchenjunga isn’t just a mountain; it’s a colossal formation that spans across the borders of three countries: The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal in the west, Tibet in the north, and the Indian state of Sikkim to its east. In the old days, before Everest and K2 gained popularity, Kanchenjunga was the tallest mountain in India.

Initially, the access to Kanchenjunga was banned to preserve its natural environment from damage. But the story changed as explorers discovered some of its treasures such as hidden valleys, lakes, tribes, and forests teeming with life.

Your journey starts from the aptly picturesque village of Yuksom and takes through a wonderful route that goes further to Bakhim, Dzongri, Laxmi Pokhari, Bikhbari Chaurikhang, Rathong Glacier, and back to Bakkhim. For eleven enthralling days, you will be treated to picturesque scenery of mountain giants such as Mt. Khangchendzonga and Mt. Kokthang along with other spectacles such as Mt. Pandim.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking Tour Highlights

  • Get a broad view of other mountains: Frey Peak (5830m),Koktang (6,148m),Kabru Peak (7,412m),Ratong,Chandra Peak and Kabru Dome (6600m).
  • Encounter the friendly people of the secluded areas when coming across several villages on your walk.
  • Take a breathtaking tour to the Kanchenjunga base camp, the world’s third highest mountain.
  • Explore the types of teas, get captivated by nature, and learn about the process of making tea.
  • Experience Sikkim in all its cultural colors by visiting monasteries.

Best Time to Visit Kanchenjunga Base Camp

Season Period Details
Spring Mid -March to June End Best for Trekking
Monsoon July to Mid-September Roads will be blocked due to heavy rain
Autumn Mid- September to End October Favorable period for trekking.
Winter November to February Not suitable for trekking due to heavy snowfall and harsh weather conditions.

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Green Lake Trek

Green Lake Trek Sikkim

One such place that lies deep within the Sikkim Himalayas remains almost untrodden by the tourists’ steps. A handful of people explored this paradise, attracted by rumors of its wilderness. It is here that the Green Lake Trek awaits you – a path that takes one all the way down to the base of the Kanchenjunga. Greek Lake trek of Sikkim is a mesmerizing trekking spot in Northeast India.

Just imagine! a scenic valley with lots of green vegetation around and dotted with some alpine trees with a peaceful lake on the edge. It’s like a dream that comes true. Rising above this scenic sight are the mighty Himalayas in the form of Kanchenjunga, Kanchenjunga West, Kanchenjunga Central, Kanchenjunga South, and Kangbachen. These consist of a series of snowy peaks rising into silver lines against the boundless blue sky and spreading across the borders of Nepal, Tibet, and Sikkim.

However, the Green Lake Trek does not only offer beautiful landscapes and vistas – it also takes you through some of Sikkim’s most mystical and magical places. When you travel through the exotic mountainous towns, you will not only see vast landscapes with forests of rhododendron and Alpine trees but also find a civilization that has been there for centuries.

And then there is the endpoint of the trail – Green Lake itself which is located at the height of 5,000 meters and surrounded by beautiful forests. It is a scene that will linger in your mind forever.

The adventure begins in the village of Lachen which is located 2,730 meters above sea level, and over a distance of 135 kilometers from Gangtok. It then continues to the village of Zema at 3,060 meters and then to Tallem at 3,240 meters before it gradually ascends towards Jakthang at 3,430 meters. Here you’ll take a day to acclimatize before moving further.

Along the trail through magnificent alpine forests that weave along rushing river beds you will reach Yabuk at 4,040 meters and the rest camp at 4,725 meters. So, trekking in the Himalayas would be blissful if you plan to do Green Lake trek.

Green Lake Trekking Tour Highlights

  • Visit Kanchenjunga Reach and the other nearby mountains.
  • Discover the beauty of a valley on the top of alpine trees and a quiet lake.
  • Crossing rhododendron forests and fairy-tale-like countryside.
  • Arrive at the beautiful Green Lake at the height of 5,000 meters.
  • Take in breathtaking vistas of mountains covered with snow in the Himalayas.
  • Steady climb with overnight stops in picturesque towns.
  • Navigate through forests and valleys, across rivers and streams.
  • Back to Lachen and Gangtok with sweet memories.

Best Time to Visit Green Lake Trek

Season Period Details
Spring April & May Best time for trekking. Rhododendrons and wildflowers are in full bloom, panoramic mountain views.
Autumn October & November Ideal for Trekking. The beauty of nature is at its peak. Beautiful mountain views.

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Goecha La Trek

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Sikkim

To describe the Goechala Trek; every step that you take is like an entry into a dreamless sleep beyond mountains and natural scenic beauties. It is one of the best adventure trekking destinations in Sikkim.

Picture trying to process the view around you in front of 14 other mountains of glory with the majestic Kanchenjunga standing out among them. It is like a gallery of giants successively in grandeur. And here’s the best part – on the trek to Goechala in Darjeeling, these massive mountains appear almost within grasping distance – something that would put even Nepal’s great treks to shame.

Of course, the trail has a long history, but it was only during the Nepalese Civil War from 1996 to 2006 that Goechala became one of the popular trekking places in Sikkim. Due to Nepal’s mountain trails being closed Goechala offered people the consolation of a beautiful stunning view of the Himalayas. It was similar to finding treasure in times of need – a front-row seat to the beauty of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain peak in the world, and the magnificent Singalila range from the top of Dzongri top.

Goechala Trek Highlights

  • Magnificent views of the sunrise from viewpoint 1 along with other viewpoints and the Dzongri.
  • Bloom of colorful rhododendrons all around in the months of March and April.
  • One of the many glacial lakes of Sikkim and offers the reflection of Mt. Pandim.

Best Time to Visit Goechala Trek

Season Period Details
Pre- Monsoon April to June Clear sceneries, dramatic skies, blooming Rhododendrons.
Monsoon July to August Heavy rainfall, risk of landslides. Not best for trekking.
Post-Monsoon September to November Beautiful views of Himalayan Peaks, stable weather. Good for trekking.

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Varsey Trek

Varsey Trek Sikkim

Now let us traverse into the quaint town of Varsey in the lap of Sikkim. Varsey is a place up to 10,000 feet which is a nature lover’s paradise with Rhododendron Sanctuary.

The drive to Varsey is in itself an interesting experience. You can access the road journey from Geyzing and make a stopover at Hilley, Dentam, or Soreng. However, if you are willing to make some traveling, you should go to Hilley. At a mere 4 km from here lies the sanctuary perched atop Singalila range.

Rhododendron is a treasure here – there are over 40 varieties in the garden and when they bloom it’s a stunning show of colors. The mesmerizing views of nature makes it the best scenic trekking place in Sikkim.

Varsey is not only a place with magnificent flowers growing wild but also a place where the birdwatching enthusiasts will come in contact with numerous avian species. Some of the more unusual birds to spot include the Black-Breasted Parrotbill, Blood Pheasant, Himalayan Monal, and the Rusty-bellied ShortWing. If you are very lucky then you may even see the likes of Flycatchers, Laughing Thrushes, Tit and Babblers. The sounds of the early morning in the forest will remain ingrained in your memory for a long time.

City life can sometimes be stifling with an air of claustrophobia and escaping to nature allows one to remember what it feels like to be home again. It’s a way to escape and temporarily forget about the busy world for a moment and return to the pleasures of life.

Varsey Trek Highlights

  • Explore Varsey, a heaven for trekkers who love nature at an altitude of 10,000 ft in Sikkim.
  • Relish more than forty species of rhododendrons flowering in the Singalila range.
  • Take an interesting drive from Geyzing and reach Hilley, Dentam or Soreng on the way.
  • Some of the specialty sightings include Black-Breasted Parrotbill, Blood Pheasant, Himalayan Monal, Rusty-bellied ShortWing.
  • Enjoy a healing stroll through stunning landscapes amidst the impressive peak of the third tallest mountain range in the world.

Best Time to Visit Varsey

Season Period Details
Spring April to May Stunning Rhododendron trees, full display of vibrant colors.
Autumn September to October Views of Kanchendzonga throughout the route.   Good for trekking.

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Dzongri Trek

Dzongri Trek Sikkim

Just Imagine! An expedition into the heart of Sikkim landscapes that one can only dream of. The short and refreshing Dzongri Trek presents the quintessential Himalayan experience.

Yuksam is the starting point of most treks through a surreal world of natural splendor. For five days the viewer is taken on this amazing trip that showcases the beauty of the Himalayas in Sikkim.

However, one of the main advantages of Dzongri trekking is that it delivers a mountain trek experience in just a few days. Ideal for those who wish to explore adventure for a short duration of time. Only in a few days you will go through so many breathtaking landscapes.

But then there is Dzongri and Dzongri La that can be considered the pearls of this trek. You will see picturesque views of some of the highest mountains in the world. From the tall Mt. Khangchendzonga to the high Mt. Kabru and roped together between them is Mt. Pandim – all are truly spectacular. No doubt, it is the best place for adventure trekking in Sikkim.

But the appeal of this hike goes far beyond the mountains. It arises from enjoying scenic landscapes, interacting with other hikers on the trail and feeling the satisfaction of putting one foot in front of the other. It’s also a very popular trekking route of Sikkim.

If you are looking forward to an adventurous journey, then the Dzongri trek is the right one for you. Kit your suitcase, drop all your concerns, and prepare yourself to be mesmerized by the Sikkim Himalayas.

Dzongri Trek Highlights

  • It’s time to take a short break and experience the beauty of Sikkim.
  • Your five-day trekking expedition starts from Yuksam which is more famously known as the gateway to the magical world.
  • Enjoy a mini mountain hike while observing the stunning scenery and vistas.
  • Here are the choices of the trek that offers an astonishing view of Mt. Khangchendzonga, Mt. Kabru, and Mt. Pandim.
  • Enjoy scenic views, companionship of other hikers, and the wellbeing of hiking.
  • Ideal for people who would like to go for a trek in the Himalayas but do not have time for a long one.

Best Time to Visit Dzongri Trek

Season Period Details
Summer Mid- March to Mid- June Best for Trekking, favorable temperature
Monsoon End of June to Mid- September Not Favorable for Trekking due to slippery trails
Winter January to February Heavy snowfall, bad weather.
Autumn Mid- September to End October Stunning nature views, Good for Trekking

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Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek

The Sandakphu Trek is in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal in the northern part of India. During this trek, you will come across stunning views of some of the highest mountains on the face of the earth. The hiking involved is not very rigorous; it is recommended for those who do some degree of hiking but if you are a first-timer, it’s not impossible. You will also be able to witness the snowcapped peaks of Nepal, Bhutan and the eastern part of Tibet. The trek passes through Singalila National Park in which you can find many species of plants and animals.

This trek stands out from others since it is surrounded by four highest mountain peaks in the world with exquisite scenery and indigenous people. You get your first glimpse of the Everest group, Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and fifth highest mountains in the world at Phalut. It is quite thrilling to be seeing those peaks all at once.

One of the most interesting things to visit is the mountain range also known as the “Sleeping Buddha”. This range appears to depict the figure of a human being lying down with probably no discomfort. It encompasses Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest mountain on the surface of the globe. When you start your day at the Sabalgram campsite, you will come across the Sleeping Buddha which evokes strong emotions among trekkers.

The scenes of early morning and the evening sun are particularly beautiful in Sandakphu-Phalut. When it comes to the sundown in Aahl, it is incredible. The clouds at the bottom resemble waves, and the sun descends beyond the horizon majestically. Watching the Everest group and Sleeping Buddha with an orange hue is an embrace that makes you never forget the trek.

The main purpose of people doing this trek is to get to those incredible viewpoints to watch these stunning views. You must try this trek if you want to experience one of the best trekking trails of Sikkim. Another exciting feature of the region is the Singalila National Park with its rich bamboo and rhododendron vegetation attracting a lot of trekkers in Sikkim.

Despite it being unlikely, there is a possibility of sighting Himalayan black bear, red panda, or clouded leopard on the trek. There is heavy Indo-Nepali influence in the region. During your trek you will be crossing the border from Nepal to India.

The best time to undertake a trek is when the mountain hills are visible and the upper part of the trek offers a view of Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga and other such snow-capped mountains. Some of the natural resources in the area include attractive flowers such as the Magnolias and the Rhododendrons. The trek goes through the beautiful villages with wooden houses and people tending to their cattle. You will also walk some part of the Old Silk Route that has curvy trails, beautiful and receptive people.

Sandakphu Trek Highlights

  • Look at the highest mountain on the planet – Everest and other giants: Lhotse, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga.
  • Find out the different varieties of plants and animals.
  • Check out the peculiar mountain range which seems to resemble a body lying back.
  • There is the possibility to watch gorgeous sunrises and gorgeous sunsets.
  • Taste traditional Nepalese-Tibetan dishes and experience the welcome of Nepalese people.
  • Stroll through stunning villages with beautiful wooden houses.
  • Crossing the border between Nepal and India.
  • Magnificent views and flowering in the spring and autumn.

Best Time to Do Sandakphu Phalut Trek

Season Period Details
Spring January to April Best time for trekking. Colorful landscapes of white Magnolia flowers and pink and white Rhododendron trees.
Autumn September to December Golden Landscapes, Ideal for trekking
Winter January to April Mild snowfall experience

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Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary Trek

Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary Trek

Established in a protected area of the Yumthang Valley in Sikkim, Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary is a must-visit site for tourists who love to explore nature and hiking.  It is one of the top trekking destinations in Sikkim. The sanctuary is 43 sq km in size, located at an altitude of between 3,048 meters and 4,575 meters above sea level. It is rich in many types of flowering plants especially the Rhododendrons making it one of the popular treks in Sikkim Himalayas.

It is especially famous for Rhododendrons, but Yumthang River, yaks grazing in alpine meadows, birds and many more make the place more attractive. Trip to Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary: it feels like one is walking in an uncharted piece of heaven. It is ideal for individuals who have an enthusiasm for wild animals and the wonders of nature.

The trekking is initiated in Lachung Village in North Sikkim, and the tourists come across waterfalls, cardamom gardens, tropical forests, and the flowing Yumthang River. You will also be able to see a glimpse of the mighty Kanchenjunga and proceed to the beautiful hill station of Darjeeling. Here is a trek itinerary outlining the important things you should do when climbing the mountain.

This trek is ideal for the adventure freaks who are interested in the Sikkim Himalayas and its natural beauty. From the many destinations this trail starts from the historic town of Yuksam which is the base for many other treks too. It passes through the sightseeing areas like the hill villages on the mist shrouded peaks and the stunning rhododendron groves. Your eyes will be glued to the creamy white colors of stretching clouds and fantastic views of the great Himalayas.

While on the trek, one gets a majestic view of Mabu and Mt. Fray besides other thrilling mountains such as Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kumbhakarna, Mt. Kabru and Mt. Siniolchu. It also involves crossing clear, cold streams and walking across wide meadows.

The moderate duration of the trek makes it possible to spend enough time watching and observing wildlife. It is advisable to dress for the occasion because the weather is unpredictable at times. Despite these challenges, the rewards include magnificent Himalayan views, wildflowers, and beautiful landscape that makes the trip a dream.

Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary Trekking Tour Highlights


  • Have a wonderful time going round the 43 sq km sanctuary which boasts of several varieties of flowers, especially Rhododendron.
  • Begin the tour at Lachung Village in North Sikkim and sightsee through the waterfalls, cardamom plantations, and tropical forests.
  • Start your tour from Yuksom, the authentic Sikkim town, and capture, for instance, beautiful hill settlements veiled by mist and stunning rhododendron forests.
  • See breathtaking views of the towering Mt Mabu and Mt Fray and other snow-capped Himalayan ranges.
  • Climb through mountain streams, meadows, valleys, lush forests where you cross paths with wildlife.
  • Despite the unpredictable weather conditions, you can be able to view the magnificent Himalayan Mountain ranges and beautiful flowers.

Best Time to Visit Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary

Season Period Details
Spring March to May Best views of colorful Rhododendron flowers. Best for Trekking during this time.

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The Kasturi Orar Round Trek

The Kasturi Orar Round Trek

The Kasturi Orar Round trekking in Sikkim is one of the most romantic treks in the entire Indian Himalayan region. It offers beautiful trails through the Tshoka Rhododendron forests, the huge Dzongri and Thansing meadows, the sparkling blue waters of Samiti Lake and Lampokhari Lake, and breathtaking vistas of some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world such as Kanchenjunga, Pandim, Talung, Kabru, Goecha, Tinchen khang, and Jopuno. The snowy path to Goechala makes this trek all the more romantic.

This trek route has it all and is undoubtedly a dream for every trekking enthusiast. Tourists always look forward to watching the sunrise over Kanchenjunga at Tiger Hill, Dzongri Top and Goechala. Other trek routes are Goechala Trek, Sandakphu Phalut Trek, Phoktey Dara Trek, Uttarey Dzongri Round Singalila Trek and Varsey Phalut Trek.

Kasturi Orar Round Trek Highlights

  • Enjoy spectacular vistas at the Tshoka Rhododendron forests and beautiful meadows.
  • Have eye-popping scenic views of high-altitude mountains such as Kanchenjunga and Pandim among others.
  • Expect blue water in Samiti and Lampokhari lakes.
  • Look at the beautiful sunrise view of the Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill, Dzongri Top and Goechala.
  • Move the trekking enthusiasts to breaking point with this beautiful and varied course.

Best Time to Visit Kasturi Orar Round

Season Period Details
Spring March to May Good for trekking, milder temperature
Autumn September to November Ideal for trekking, pleasant weather.

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Singalila Ridge and Goecha La Trek

Goecha La Trek Sikkim

Another important trek in the Sikkim Himalayan region is the trek to Singalila Ridge and Goecha La. This is one of the most popular treks out there due to the amount of variation in geography and culture. Beginning on the slopes of tea estates in North Bengal, the trek takes you through Sikkim, which boasts of a rich flora and fauna including alpine trees and medicinal plants, the wildlife, and birds of different altitudes. This journey is perfect for one who loves nature.

The trek features a multi-perspective view of the Himalayan mountains. On a clear day it is possible to distinguish the Higher Himalayas with its silver line on the background of the sky. This moderately-strenuous to strenuous trek covers the Singalila Ridge to Goecha La and offers an insight into the colorful life of Sikkim. Sikkim has several monasteries showcasing the Buddhist culture of the region. The entire trek reveals the fascinating cultures of the Lepchas, Nepalis and Bhutias and their rich festivals such as Drupka Teshi, Losar, the Bumchu festival, Losoong and Saga Dawa festival among others, particularly if done in April, May, October or November.

The trekking begins at Tonglu at 3070 meters from Maneybhanjang, en route to Darjeeling. From Tonglu one can have a glimpse of the greenery of Himalayan Mountain ranges below the clouds. The path then goes through the rhododendron scrub country to Garibas at 2,620m and then to Sandakphu at 3,640m through the Singalila National Park and Kalipokhri.

At Sandakphu, one gets to see the golden sun rise that illuminates the Kanchenjunga, Jannu, Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and Cho Oyo peaks. The trail goes to Phalut and then down to Rimbik through Raman. From Raman, the trek goes to Yuksom through Pelling and the Pemayangtse Monastery.

Dzongri is also part of the Goecha La trek and Yuksom is the starting point of the trek. From Yuksom, the trail passes through lush forests and several Sikkimese villages to Tshoka at 10,005 feet. The trek becomes more strenuous when you have to reach Dzongri at 4,020 meters and then Samiti Lake at 4,200 meters through Thangsing. The final steep climb leads you to the Goecha La pass at 15,000ft/4,940m. The return journey begins by retracing the same path back to Yuksom and then proceeds to Gangtok.

Singalila Ridge and Goecha La Trek Highlights

  • Hike across tea gardens, through the local villages of Sikkim and dense forests.
  • Gaze at the majestically unfolding Himalayan giants; Kanchenjunga, Everest and many others.
  • Meet with Buddhist monasteries and colorful festivals.
  • Begin the trek from Tonglu, continue to Sandakphu, Phalut, and Rimbik.
  • Scale the rugged terrains and arrive at Goecha La Pass.
  • Go back to Yuksom and proceed to Gangtok for the best adventurous trip.

Best Time to Visit Singalila Ridge and Goecha La Trek

Season Period Details
Spring April to May Good for nature views, Ideal for trekking
Autumn September to October Beautiful Sikkim views, mossy forests ideal for trekking

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Dzongri – Goechala Trek

Dzongri Goecha La Trek Sikkim

The Sikkim Dzongri-Goechala is one of the most difficult treks and is recommended for experienced trekking tourists. But despite its difficulty, it is one of the most beautiful trekking options in Sikkim. The trek covers the route through Yuksom-Goechala and is particularly famous for the panoramic views of Kanchenjunga. The trail begins at Yuksom, ascending through the Rathong Valley, passing through Bakhim, then a steep climb to the village of Tsokha. From Tsokha it goes through Pethang and reaches Dzongri which is at the height of 4,020 feet.

From Dzongri, a steep descent is followed by crossing the river and then a steep climb up to Thansing at 3930m. The last stop is the Samiti Lake where the trail to Goecha La offers the best view of Kanchenjunga Mountain. Dzongri situated at the height of 4020m in West Sikkim provides a vantage point of Kanchenjunga and Mt Pandim. West of Dzongri lies the Kyangla Ridge, making the region highly attractive for trekkers.

Goecha La is at a height of around 16125 ft. and; you get to view mountains like Pandim and Kanchenjunga. When trekking around the Dzongri-Goechala region one gets to move through Kanchenjunga National Park where one gets to see a number of animals and birds such as Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Marbled Cat and Red Panda which is an endangered species.

Dzongri-Goechala Trek Highlights

  • Recommended for experienced hikers.
  • Generous views of Kanchenjunga en- route.
  • Starts from Yuksom, crosses through Tsokha and ends at Dzongri.
  • From Dzongri you can get a spectacular view of Kanchenjunga and Mt. Pandim.
  • Climb up to 16,125 FT to get the bird’s eye view of Pandim and Kanchenjunga.
  • This expedition will take you through Kanchenjunga National Park, a rich wildlife area containing the Red Panda among other endangered animals.

Best Time to Visit Dzongri – Goechala Trek

Season Period Details
Spring March to June Mild temperature, best for trekking.
Autumn October to February Cold at night but good for trekking
Monsoon July and August Not recommended for trekking, heavy rainfall

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The Mulkarkha Lake Trek

Mulkarkha Lake Trek

The Mulkarkha Lake trek in Sikkim has started being referred to as the family trek. This is because it’s not a very rigorous Himalayan trek and it allows the families to actually vacation together and live every moment together. The lake is locally known as “Mulkarkhais”, it is believed to be a sacred lake and is also referred to as wishing lake. There is the popular belief that any wish made with the lake will come true at the lake. Upon your arrival, it gets the impression that your desires themselves bear a spiritual link to the landscape.

Friendliness and warmth of the people in this area is beyond words. They make sure that their guests are well taken care of and treated well. The traditional food is so tasty and appealing that one is likely to go for another round of the meal.

The trek to Mulkarkha Lake takes you through some small villages like Jhusing, Tagathan, Mulkarkha, and Aritar all of which are located at the border of West Bengal and Sikkim. The most notable experience of the trek is the night’s stay in the homestays in Jhusing and Mulkarkha. Indeed, Mulkarkha Lake Trek is one of the most popular trekking and hiking places in Sikkim.

Mulkarkha Lake Trek Highlights

  • Good for families and those who do not want a very strenuous hike along the trail.
  • Feel people’s hospitality and taste the best local meals.
  • Hike through rural areas and sleep in local people’s homes.
  • Autumn for good weather, December for tourism, April for cultural festivals.

Best Time to Visit Mulkarkha Lake Trek

Season Period Details
Autumn Mid October to Mid-May Good time to visit due to pleasant temperature
Rainy Season June to September Not favorable for trekking. Mudslides, leeches etc.
Spring April Ram Navami celebrations and other cultural festivities.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the best trekking destinations in the Indian Himalayas. From thrilling Dzongri- Goechala Trek to mesmerizing Kanchenjunga, the enchanting trails of Sikkim never cease to surprise you with its views and adventure. Trekking in Sikkim is a beautiful opportunity to connect with nature and embrace peace.

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